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Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education

Academic Residency Requirements

Cornerstone Course Requirement

All students are required to take the Cornerstone Seminar, at Charter Oak State College. Students must take this three-credit foundational course during their first term as a matriculated student at Charter Oak State College. If a student has not taken English Composition 1, then it will be required in the first term and the Cornerstone Seminar in the subsequent one.

Students must complete the Cornerstone Seminar with a grade of C or higher. Failure to achieve a grade of C puts the student automatically on academic hold.

If a student fails (C- or below) or withdraws (W or AW) the Cornerstone Seminar due to poor participation, the student must retake the course during the next term. If the student fails (C- or below) or withdraws (W or AW) the course a second time, the student will be dismissed from the College and the academic dismissal policy applies. If the student is permitted to return to Charter Oak State College, the student will need to retake the Cornerstone Seminar during his/her first term.

Capstone Course Requirement

Students preparing to graduate with a bachelor's degree must complete a concentration capstone experience at Charter Oak State College with a grade of "C" or higher. The purpose of this experience is to demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes in the chosen concentration and writing and critical thinking skills. This requirement may not be met with a course transferred from another institution.

Each single subject area concentration includes this three-credit course requirement (i.e. MGT 499 in the Business Administration concentration, PSY 499 in the Psychology concentration and HCA 499 in the Health Care Administration concentration). The capstone may only be taken once the student has completed all concentration requirements or during the semester in which he or she is completing the last six concentration credits. The student's academic counselor must approve the student's request to enroll in the capstone course for his or her concentration.

Students who are pursuing the interdisciplinary Individualized or Liberal Studies concentrations will take a sequence of a one-credit and a two-credit course for their capstone. These three credits will be part of the 36-credit requirement for the concentration. The first part is a one (1) credit, five (5) week, pass/fail course in which the capstone project is planned. The project will be carried out in the subsequent ten (10) week course that yields two (2) credits. The two-credit course results in a letter grade. The two-credit course must be completed in the term immediately following completion of the one-credit course. A grade of P must be earned in the one-credit course in order to begin the two-credit course.