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Foreign Language

The concentration in Foreign Language entails multiple aptitudes that prepare the student for citizenship in an increasingly global environment, one that gives students a deeper grasp of a world that includes profound population movements, cross-cultural influences, economic disparities, ethnic and political conflicts, and bio-environmental pressures. Students need to have knowledge of literature, history, culture, and competency in the spoken and written language.

Concentration Requirements:

Intermediate Language6cr
Electives:6cr upper level
Related electives (Examples: art history, literature, philosophy, economics)        6cr


*      In the specific language

Elementary language courses may not be used in the concentration.

Recommended Courses:

If planning to go for teacher certification or graduate school, Advanced Grammar in the specific language.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a concentration in Foreign Languages will be able to:

  1. demonstrate familiarity with both the canonical and typical literature of the foreign language;
  2. possess an understanding of a range of literary styles and genres;
  3. be conversant regarding the major literary figures;
  4. demonstrate familiarity with the history of the foreign country or regions where the language is spoken;
  5. demonstrate an understanding of the culture of the other country/countries, including dietary customs, mode of dress, celebrations, traditions, societal mores, and cultural identity;
  6. demonstrate competency in translation;
  7. articulate an understanding of the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of the foreign language, normally by successfully completing two years of college-level language instruction or its equivalent;
  8. evidence an ability to comprehend the foreign language and its linguistic nuances when spoken by others; and
  9. communicate in writing in the idiom of the foreign language.

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