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Human Resource

The Human Resource concentration is designed to prepare people for the human resource (HR) field, to enhance the skills of those working in general management, and to provide professional development for those already in HR. The courses cover the key skill areas of human resource and its application to the dynamics of today's and future organizations and the importance of HR as a strategic partner within an organization.

Concentration Requirements:

Introduction to Management3cr
Financial Accounting3cr
Organizational Communication3cr
Organizational Behavior3cr
Workplace Issues/Diversity3cr
Human Resource Management3cr
Performance, Compensation, and Benefits                                        3cr
Managing People in a Global Economy3cr
Employment Law3cr
Union and Labor Relations3cr
Training & Development3cr


Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a concentration in Human Resource will be able to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of employee and labor relations;
  2. apply employment law;
  3. explain and develop compensation, benefits, and reward packages;
  4. explain the role of human resources within an organization;
  5. develop hiring and performance appraisal processes;
  6. articulate human resources outcomes as they relate to the bottom line; and
  7. understand human resource functions within a global society.

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