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Religious Studies

The study of religion examines religion in cultures and societies. Knowledge of world religions provides a fuller understanding of humankind in its historical and cultural contexts.

Concentration Requirements:

Introduction to the Study of Religion 3cr
Role of Religion in Society 3cr
Comparative Religion/World Religion or two courses covering different religions 3cr
Philosophy/Religious Thought 3cr
Electives in Religion 6cr
Remaining credits should help form a cohesive concentration and meet the outcomes outlined above and the academic goals of the student. This includes: History of Medieval Europe, Renaissance and Reformation, Bible as Literature, Archaeology: Interpreting the Past, Ancient Near Eastern Myth and Literature, Ethical Issues, Judaic Studies, Pastoral Counseling, or history of any religion   
Capstone 3cr

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a concentration in Religious Studies will be able to:

  1. explain the phenomenon of how religion develops and manifests itself in a culture;
  2. demonstrate a broad range of understanding of the nature, history and geographic distribution of the religions in the world today, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and animism;
  3. demonstrate expertise in one religion in particular, including exposure to the texts, history and practices of that religion; and
  4. articulate the role of religion in culture, and other expressions of culture, as well as its manifestations in politics, history, art and science.