Policies and Regulations

Policies and Regulations

Academic Honesty

Charter Oak State College's Proscribed Conduct is stated as follows:

Charter Oak State College may discipline a student in the following situations:

For academic dishonesty, which shall in general mean conduct, which has as its intent or effect the false misrepresentation of a student's academic performance including but not limited to: (a) cheating on examination; (b) plagiarizing, including submission of another's ideas or papers as one's own; (c) stealing or having unauthorized access to examinations; (d) falsifying records, transcripts, test scores or other data or (being represented by another individual for all or part of a distance learning course.

By registering for a Distance Learning course, a student attests that all assignments submitted and examinations completed are the work of the enrolled student. Dishonesty will result in an "F" in the course and may incur other disciplinary action for Charter Oak State College students including dismissal from the College.

Unless permission is received in advance from the faculty member in charge of the course involved, a student may not submit, in identical or similar form, work for one course that has been used to fulfill any academic requirement in another course at Charter Oak State College or any other institution. If a student perceives the possibility of overlapping assignments, the student should consult with the appropriate faculty. Exceptions to this policy can be made for students taking the 1 credit research course offered by COSC. In a course where students are required to submit drafts of a paper, the policy applies only to the final paper.

Plagiarism is a serious offense. All suspected acts of plagiarism will be reported to the College. Students are expected to follow the proper method of writing and citing all sources used in a research paper.

Charter Oak uses electronic monitoring to check students' papers for plagiarism. Currently Charter Oak is using the plagiarism detection website, http://www.turnitin.com. When a paper is submitted to Turnitin.com for review, the paper becomes part of the Turnitin.com database. If the paper has already been submitted to Turnitin.com, it will check the second paper against the first paper and it will show line by line the similarities in the two papers and calculate the percentage of similarity.

Grading System
IIncomplete *
AUAudit **


The instructor will grade assignments and examinations within a week of receiving them and provide a grade and comments when appropriate.

In order to pass the course, the student must receive a passing grade on the final examination, paper or project. The course grade will be based on the final examination grade; the mid-term grade, if one was required; and grades on assignments and papers. The College will send a grade report to the student after the completion of the semester.

All final papers, projects, and examinations must be completed by the date of the final examination. Failure to do so will result in an "F" grade on the student's permanent record.

* Students are expected to complete courses on time. Under special circumstances, such as serious illness or death in the family, students may be granted extensions. Students will be issued an "I" until it is replaced with a final grade within the allotted extension.

** Audits will be allowed if the instructor of the course grants permission prior to registration. An audit grade cannot be changed to a letter grade after the course begins, nor can a letter grade be changed to an audit grade after the course begins.


Withdrawals from Distance Learning courses must be made in writing. Any refund will be based on the date the College receives the written request.

Refund deadlines are available in our Course Schedule.

If you withdraw from a course within the 100% refund period it is considered a "drop", and no grade is recorded in the permanent academic transcript.

If a student officially withdraws after the 100% refund period and before the end of the course, a "W" will appear on the transcript. Fill out the Course Withdrawal Form on ACORN. The hand-delivered date or the postmark date of the withdrawal request will be the official date of withdrawal.

Academic Liability

A student who does not complete the official withdrawal notice will receive an automatic "F" (failure) in the course concerned.


All papers and examinations must be completed by the date of the final examination.

Revision Policy

Charter Oak State College reserves the right to cancel courses, limit registration and alter requirements from the published program.

Students with Disabilities

Charter Oak State College recognizes the special needs of students with disabilities. The College will make every effort to accommodate the requirements of students with disabilities.

Please contact Linda Larkin, Disabilities Program Coordinator, at (860) 515-3841 to make arrangements for such accommodations. If you have a documented disability that may require some modifications in the course/examinations, please notify Linda prior to registering for a distance learning course.