Lab System Requirements

Lab System Requirements

Our hands-on labs provide on-demand, personalized practice with live systems for experiential learning. The information below will help ensure your system is ready to go!

Verify your computer settings

Windows Users:

Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7

Browsers: Internet Explorer 6+, Chrome, or Firefox

Other browsers are not supported.

The Citrix ICA Web Client is required for Internet Explorer to access our Servers through the Internet. Select "Run" and follow the installation instructions.

Mac Users:

Operating system: Mac OS X

Browsers: Safari 3+ or Firefox 3+

Earlier OS's and other browsers are not supported.

Disable all pop-up blockers

Some pop-up blockers can cause problems when accessing our hands-on labs. Disabling them ensures you will have a trouble free experience.

Update the Java client

Java is required to access our Servers through the Internet. Windows users: Please follow the installation instructions on the Java website. Mac users: Please follow the update instructions on the Apple website to update your Mac OS X to the latest software.

Verify Flash 10 or higher is installed

Flash player to version 10 or higher is required. Update your Flash Player to the latest version.