Charter Oak Seeking New Student Representative to the Statewide Student Advisory Committee

Charter Oak Seeking New Student Representative to the Statewide Student Advisory Committee

John Thomas has been serving as your representative to the statewide Student Advisory Committee. This committee reports directly to the Board of Regents (BOR), the organization which oversees Charter Oak State College, the four CT state universities, and the 12 CT public community colleges. The Student Advisory Committee has two voting members on the BOR. John has distinguished himself as an advocate for Charter Oak students during the past year and has been instrumental in helping this new committee to move forward. Please view John's video concerning his experience as your representative.

The Bylaws state that the Student Representatives and the Alternate must be actively pursuing their degree and that upon graduation or expiration of the two year term, a new election is to be held for the position. As John is about to graduate in December 2012, we need to begin the process for electing his replacement.

Charter Oak is now seeking candidates for both the Student Representative and the Alternate Representative position. All CT matriculated students in good academic standing, who have at least one year before they will graduate are eligible to be considered for election. The representative and alternate are elected by the Student Association officers and board.

Candidates must reside in CT and have the ability to attend monthly meetings that take place in Hartford one Friday afternoon per month. In addition, the representative will also need to actively engage and communicate with fellow students in order to represent the study body well. The candidate earning the greatest number of votes will be the Representative and the one with the second highest number of votes will be the Alternate.

If you are interested in talking further about this position, please contact Linda Larkin at (860) 515-3841 or emailing her at no later than November 30, 2012. In addition, you are welcome to contact John at to discuss.