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Academic Counselor-Student Relationship

Charter Oak State College building

Welcome to Charter Oak State College! Surveys of Charter Oak alumni have shown that the Student/Academic Counselor relationship is one of the most important benefits of matriculating at Charter Oak State College. Degree planning at Charter Oak is a very individualized process, so it is important to work closely with your Academic Counselor to create a degree program that takes into account your personal, professional, and academic goals. The goal of Charter Oak's academic counselors is to enrich your learning experience through one-on-one interaction and to support your success by:

  • in-depth exploration of your degree expectations, needs and goals
  • assisting in the selection of the degree program that is right for you
  • providing ongoing, dynamic program planning based on your specific needs and circumstances
  • reviewing and approving courses that will most efficiently meet your program objectives
  • identifying additional opportunities to earn credits toward your degree
  • directing you to a wide variety of College resources that support your journey to degree completion
  • alerting you to new opportunities for learning within the College

In order to receive efficient service from your Academic Counselor, you have certain responsibilities as well. You must:

  • Contact your Academic Counselor for approval before earning credits
  • Submit transcripts for completed credits in a timely fashion
  • Carefully review all correspondence from your Academic Counselor and contact your Academic Counselor with any questions
  • Adhere to stated deadlines for submitting the concentration proposal, Academic Autobiography, and graduation forms, and
  • Plan ahead and allow your Academic Counselor sufficient time to research and respond to any questions that you may have.

We are pleased that you have decided to complete your degree at Charter Oak State College. We look forward to working with you.