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Concentration Requirements

Charter Oak State College building

Charter Oak State College does not offer courses in all of the concentration areas. Charter Oak serves as an aggregator of credits earned by students taking courses through a variety of sources: Charter Oak's distance learning courses, courses from other regionally accredited institutions, standardized examinations such as CLEP and DANTES, ACE or PONSI approved courses, DANTES and portfolio assessment.

The degree earned is either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science and the diploma so states, without reference to a specialization or a "major." Each candidate for the Bachelor's degree must establish and complete a program of study (concentration) which has been approved by the Faculty of Consulting Examiners and which demonstrates in-depth knowledge within one or more fields of study.

The concentration is not called a major because the "major" is General Studies. While many of our concentrations mirror traditional majors, the multidisciplinary concentrations in Liberal Studies or Individualized Studies provide adult learners the opportunity to customize programs of study.

Upon matriculation, you will be assigned an Academic Counselor, a specialist in your area of concentration who will assist with the planning process.

Concentration Forms

Steps to Preparing Your Concentration for Review

Important Pages from Your Student Handbook

If you matriculated ON OR AFTER July 1, 2004, click here for information about the Concentration Plan of Study and the Academic Autobiography.