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Concentration Plan of Study (CPS)

Charter Oak State College does not offer courses in all of the concentration areas. Charter Oak serves as an aggregator of credits earned by students taking courses through a variety of sources: Charter Oak's distance learning courses, courses from other regionally accredited institutions, standardized examinations such as CLEP and DANTES, ACE or PONSI approved courses, DANTES and portfolio assessment. The degree earned is either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science and the diploma so states, without reference to a specialization or a "major." Each candidate for the Bachelor's degree must establish and complete a program of study (concentration) which has been approved by the Faculty of Consulting Examiners and which demonstrates in-depth knowledge within one or more fields of study. The concentration is not called a major because the "major" is General Studies. While many of our concentrations mirror traditional majors, the multidisciplinary concentrations in Liberal Studies or Individualized Studies provide adult learners the opportunity to customize programs of study.

Upon matriculation, you will be assigned an Academic Counselor, a specialist in your area of concentration, who will assist with the planning process.

Concentration Forms

Concentration Plan of Study (CPS)

In order to provide the best possible academic advisement for you, Charter Oak employs the expertise of both Academic Counselors and Faculty Consultants. If you have enrolled with more than 60 credits, you must begin exploring your goals for the degree with your Academic Counselor immediately.

Once you and your Counselor have determined which of the credits that you have already earned are appropriate for inclusion in your concentration and which credits you will probably earn to support your goals, you should submit your Concentration Plan of Study (CPS). The CPS is comprised of three parts:

  1. the list of concentration credits;
  2. your resume; and
  3. your responses to several questions asking you to define your goals and explain the focus of your concentration.

This is also your opportunity to ask faculty any questions that you may have concerning your field of study. Members of the faculty are happy to communicate with you about these issues and will give you their best advice concerning your goals and academic preparation. As a distance learning student, this is your opportunity to interact directly with faculty. Most importantly, this will ensure that you are taking the right credits to reach those goals and to meet degree requirements. You will be able to submit revisions to your CPS, as needed, as you work toward completion of your concentration.

If you do not currently have an up-to-date resume, you may find the following websites useful: they offer resume writing assistance