Week 13 Lab

Week 13 Lab

Week 13 Lab

Chapter 14: Sensory System

Lab 13 Objectives

After completing the online exercises, the student will:

  1. Identify parts of the ear and their function.
  2. Identify parts of the eye and their function.
  3. Define terminology of the sensory system.

Key Points to Study
  • Define sensation, perception, sensory adaptation, chemoreceptors, nocioceptors, osmoreceptors, photoreceptors, thermoreceptors, and mechanorectors.
  • Identify and label:
    • Parts of the Ear:
      • Malleus (hammer)
      • Incus (anvil)
      • Stapes (stapes)
      • Tympanic Membrane
      • Cochlea
      • Auditory Tube
      • Auditory Nerve
      • Eardrum
      • Oval window
      • Round Window
    • Parts of the Eye:
      • Pupil
      • Sclera
      • Lens
      • Retina
      • Cornea
      • Iris
      • Choroid
      • Aqueous Humor
      • Ciliary Muscle
      • Optic Nerve
      • Optic Disk (Blind Spot)
      • Fovea
  • Define rods, cones, rhodopsin.

Student Workbook Assignments

  • Student Interactive Workbook: Chapter 14
    • Complete the exercises in the following sections: 14.2, 14.7
    • Complete the Self-Quiz and the Chapter Objectives/Review Questions.

Web-Based Assignment Readings/Tutorials

  • Ear
    View anatomy of the Ear.
  • Ear
    View tutorial of the ear.
  • Hearing
    View “Sense of Hearing.”
  • Ear
    View tutorial on the ear.
  • Eye
    Complete the tutorial on the eye.
  • Eye
    View "Anatomy of the Eye."
  • Eye
    Test your knowledge of the anatomy of the eye.
  • Vision
    View “Sense of Sight."
  • Virtual Cow's Eye Dissection
    Virtual dissection of a cow’s eye.
  • Review
    For review: complete Chapter 8.

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