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Connecticut Director's Credential

The Connecticut Director's Credential provides a career ladder and a means for documenting the educational, experiential and leadership competencies of professional early care and after school program administrators. The credential's three levels of proficiency (Initial, Standard and Master) are based on qualifications in early childhood or after-school education, core areas of administrative knowledge, and appropriate levels of on-the-job supervisory/administrative experience. Applicants for the CDC document their knowledge by presenting evidence of experience, college credit, completion of a prior learning portfolio, or any combination of these methods.

The five competency areas to be documented are:

  1. initial survey course in child care administration and supervision;
  2. personnel management and staff development;
  3. budget/fiscal management;
  4. leadership skills; and
  5. child/family/school and community relations.

For further information contact the Coordinator of Early Childhood and Youth Education Programs.

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