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Connecticut Director's Credential


The Connecticut Director's Credential is a voluntary credential for Early Childhood Education Directors working in Connecticut. Students must have a college degree to apply. Students with an associate degree may apply for the initial level credential, students with a bachelor’s degree may apply for the standard level credential and students with a master’s degree may apply for the master level credential. The credential provides a career ladder and a means for documenting the educational, experiential and leadership competencies of professional early care and after school program administrators.

The three levels of proficiency for the CDC Credential (Initial, Standard and Master) are based on qualifications in early childhood or after-school education. Students must take 3 credits in Intro to Early Childhood Education; 3 credits in Child Development and 6 additional credits in Early Childhood Education that are unrelated to the administrative competencies required for this credential. In addition to the 12 credits required in early childhood education, students take courses to acquire core administrative competencies for directors in the areas listed below. The number of courses required differs based on the level of the credential being pursued. Applicants must also document their knowledge by presenting evidence of experience. There are two years of administrative experience required at the initial level; 3 years of administrative experience required at the standard level and four years of administrative experience required at the master level.

The CDC is a renewable credential. The Initial and standard level credentials must be renewed every three years; the master level credential must be renewed every six years.

Students who enroll in the CDC Credential program have one year from the date of enrollment to make progress in complete the program requirements.  Students who are inactive in the program for one year will be automatically withdrawn from the program.

Students must earn a grade of C or better for the following administrative courses related to the credential.


Credential Administrative Education Requirements



ECE 250: Administration and Supervision of Early Childhood Programs

3 cr

ECE 325: Personnel Management in Programs for Young Children

3 cr

ECE 351: Advanced Leadership in Early Childhood Education Programs

3 cr

ECE 326: Finance in Early Childhood Programs

3 cr

SOC 210: Sociology of the Family


SOC 350: Children, School, and the Community

3 cr

Training and Experience requirements are determined by the level of the credential for which the student applies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who complete this certificate program should be able to:

  1. plan and implement developmentally appropriate care and education programs for children and their families;
  2. develop and maintain an effective organization;
  3. plan and implement effective administrative systems to carry out program goals, mission and objectives;
  4. effectively administer a program of personnel management and staff development;
  5. foster positive community relations and influence childcare policy that affects the program;
  6. develop and maintain the physical facility;
  7. have the legal knowledge necessary for effective management; and
  8. apply financial management tools.


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