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Credential in After School Education

The Credential in After School Education (CASE) is a professional credentialing program developed through a collaboration among Charter Oak State College, the Connecticut After School Network and Connecticut Charts-A-Course, now under the auspices of the Office of Early Childhood (OEC).  The program is designed for professionals working with school-age children in before and after school settings, summer camps and youth development programs. It establishes educational and experiential competency standards for specialists in the care and education of children and youth, ages 5-15, outside of school hours.

Requirements for the credential include courses focused on the needs and development of children ages 5-15, program development, supervision and leadership.  The program also includes a practicum that requires students to document 240 hours of experience in a before and after school, summer or youth camp setting.  Students also create and submit a professional resource file. Practicum courses (ASE 398/399) must be completed at Charter Oak.

Credential Requirements:



ASE 255: Introduction to After School Care and Education (Required first course)

3 cr

ASE 260: Program Environment and Curriculum Development in ASE

3 cr

ASE 265: Child and Adolescent Development

3 cr

ASE 270: Supervision and Leadership in ASE

3 cr

Either of the following depending on level of prior experience in After School Education:

  • ASE 398: After School Education Practicum (1 credit)
  • ASE 399: After School Education Practicum (3 credits)

1-3 cr

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