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Credential in After School Education

The Credential in After School Education is a program designed for professionals working with school-age children in after school settings. Requirements for the credential include courses focused on the needs and development of children ages 5-15, program development, supervision and leadership, and includes a practicum with documented experience in after school care totaling 240 hours and submission of a professional resource file. Practicum courses (ASE 398/399) must be completed at Charter Oak.

Credential Requirements:


ASE 255: Introduction to After School Care and Education (Required first course)

3 cr
ASE 260: Program Environment and Curriculum Development in ASE3 cr
ASE 265: Child and Adolescent Development3 cr
ASE 270: Supervision and Leadership in ASE3 cr

Either of the following depending on level of prior experience in After School Education:

  • ASE 398: After School Education Practicum (1 credit)
  • ASE 399: After School Education Practicum (3 credits)
1-3 cr

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