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Paraprofessional Educator Certificate

The Paraprofessional Educator Certificate is a continuing education and professional development program that prepares adults for work in the ever-expanding field of education. This program is appropriate for practicing paraprofessionals who would like to extend their knowledge while earning college credit or for those interested in working in the public education system.  

All of the courses for this certificate must be taken at Charter Oak and all of them must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better.

Certificate Requirements

EDU 100: Introduction to Paraprofessional Training

3 cr

EDU 101: Behavior Strategies for Paraprofessionals

3 cr

EDU 102: Exceptional Learners for the Paraprofessional

3 cr

EDU 103: Autistic Learner and Assistive Technology

3 cr

EDU 104: The Paraprofessional Internship

3 cr


15 cr

Student Learning Outcomes

Completion of the Paraprofessional Educator Certificate will:

  1. prepare the student for an entry-level position requiring practical skills and knowledge to work with persons with disabilities in a variety of educational settings;
  2. introduce the student to career opportunities in special education or other disability related fields; and
  3. provide preparation for transfer to a two- year or four-year institution to continue a course of study in special education.

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