Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Graduate Student Matriculation

Upon acceptance to the College the applicant is expected to confirm the decision to enroll in the college by paying the non-refundable fee deposit. The deposit will signify a commitment to pursuing the degree and afford the student the opportunity to receive college services such as orientation and academic advisement. The deposit will be applied to tuition and fees. Students are expected to enroll in classes for the term in which they applied. If a student fails to complete enrollment for that 8-week term, the student will be able to defer the deposit for one 8-week term only.

In addition to tuition, all students must pay the Student Services Fee each semester - fall, spring, and summer, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in classes. Students who miss a semester and then return will be subject to the fees of the current semester and the previous missed semester(s). Students can pay two (2) consecutive semesters worth of back payments and still retain the degree requirements in effect during their initial matriculation at the College.

Students who fail to pay the Student Services Fee for two (2) consecutive semesters will be administratively withdrawn from the College after the last day to register for classes in the third semester.

Military/Veteran Applicants

All active duty military students and their spouses will have access to in-state tuition and fees. Proof of military status is provided by completing the military eligibility form.

Connecticut Veterans may be considered for additional tuition benefits. A copy of the DD-214 as proof of veteran status is required.