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After School Education Credential

The Credential in After School Education is a professional certification program developed through collaboration among Charter Oak State College, the Connecticut After School Network, and Connecticut’s Early Childhood Professional Registry (formerly Connecticut Charts-A-Course).

The Credential establishes educational and experiential competency standards for specialists in the care and education of children, ages 5 - 15, outside of school hours. Requirements for the Credential consist of four online courses offered by Charter Oak State College, and 240 hours of documented experience in after school education, with submission of a professional resource file and completion of either a 1-credit or a 3-credit field experience course, depending on the applicant's level of previous experience.

Credential in After School Education Courses

First, take this course, offered every term:

  • ASE255: Introduction to After School Care and Education

Then, take these three courses in any order:

  • ASE 260: Program Environment & Curriculum Development in After School Education
  • ASE 265: Child and Adolescent Development
  • ASE 270: Supervision and Leadership in After School Education

Finally, take the appropriate field experience practicum course, based on your experience.

  • ASE 398: After School Education Practicum (1 credit)
    for people who have at least 240 hours of experience

    - OR -

    ASE 399: After School Education Practicum (3 credits)
    for people without prior experience

All courses are offered online by Charter Oak State College.

Students must earn a C or better in all Credential courses.

To register for a course, please visit View course syllabi. Learn how these courses can be applied toward a Bachelor's Degree with a concentration in Child and Youth Development.

Credential Application Information

To apply for the program, use our online (Please note application fee is good for two years).

For more information, contact Maureen Hogan, PhD. at:
Phone: (860) 515-3882
Fax: (860) 606-9673