Speech and Language Pathology Studies Certificate

This program offers a continuing education and professional development opportunity for those committed to achieving their career objectives in the specialized field of Speech and Language Pathology.

Charter Oak State College, in conjunction with the professional staff of Connecticut’s Capitol Region Education Council (CREC), has developed this online certificate to train adults as speech and language pathology assistants working in Connecticut. Coursework is designed to assist you in mastering the skills required to address the language, communication, social/emotional and creative needs of school children.

You must have an Associate degree and reside in the State of Connecticut to enroll in this certificate program. Applicants with a degree in Communication Disorders or similar discipline should contact Maureen Hogan at mhogan@charteroak.edu prior to applying to the program.

Ideal candidates for this certificate program include:

  • Paraprofessionals employed in Connecticut public or private schools currently employed in the field of Speech and Language Pathology.
  • Early Interventionists employed in Connecticut Birth-Three Programs.
  • Teachers in early childhood education who seek greater insight into language development and the support of language differences.
  • Adults working in general and special education interested in advancing their knowledge of the impact of language and communication on the learning process.
  • Anyone interested in transitioning from a current career to this in-demand field.

Connecticut does not require SLPAs to be licensed. Students completing the program are eligible to apply for ASHA certification. However, the program does not lead to state licensure.

Each course offers 3 credits and must be taken at Charter Oak

It is important to note that you must maintain a grade of C or higher in all courses comprising the program in order to earn your certificate.

  • COM 102- Introduction to Language and Communication Development
    An overview of the normal process of language and communication development and its relationship to social, physical, psychological and cognitive development, including the components of phonology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics.

    3 credits
  • COM 103- Speech and Language Services in the School Setting
    Addresses professional issues related to the Speech and Language Pathology Assistant’s role in the school setting. Topics include legal and policy framework for school services, ethical practice, supervision, collaboration, scheduling, data collection and more. The course includes an observation component.

    3 credits
  • COM 206- Speech Disorders and Interventions
    A general overview of the anatomy and physiology of the speech production mechanism and speech delays and disorders in preschool and school-aged children. The course additionally provides specialized instruction and evidence-based interventions used for remediation and/or compensatory strategies.

    3 credits
  • COM 306- Language Disorders and Interventions
    An overview of language and hearing disorders in preschool and school-aged children and their evidence-based interventions. The course prepares you for your role in providing services to children with language and hearing impairments and those youngsters who use augmentative and alternative communication devices and systems.

    3 credits
  • COM 307- Language and Literacy Development and Interventions
    An exploration of the components of literacy development and the significant roles speech and language play in the development process and an examination of the characteristics of delayed and disordered literacy development and their links to speech and language development. You will study evidence-based intervention methods in these areas and learn the role of the speech and language assistant in the intervention process.

    3 credits
  • COM 308- Language and Communication Development in Autism
    An overview of the nature and complexities of Autism Spectrum Disorder, its characteristics and the core skills necessary for social, communication and literacy development. You will examine evidence-based interventions for the subject student population and will learn about proven support tools for individuals with autism.

    3 credits
  • COM 399- Speech and Language Pathology Studies Practicum
    This course has been designed to provide supervised learning experiences and application opportunities relative to the foundational skills essential in working effectively as a speech and language pathology assistant. You will be expected to demonstrate Speech and Language Pathology Studies competencies under the guidance of your course instructor and the site Speech and Language Pathologist Supervisor. You will examine theoretical concepts and analyze your practicum experiences in-class. All students are responsible for identifying a practicum site and submitting it for approval by the program faculty.

    3 credits

As a Charter Oak student, you’ll reap the benefits of learning from a distinguished and dedicated faculty and from prominent professionals with extensive experience in the development and implementation of programs addressing the field of Speech and Language Pathology. Each faculty member is an esteemed educator unhesitating in his or her desire to challenge, guide and inspire you to achieve your educational and professional goals.

Charter Oak is Connecticut’s only public online college. Our institution has been established to help busy adult learners, like you, achieve their career objectives through time-flexible and affordable certificate and credential programs as well as through degree completion. The Speech and Language Pathology Studies Certificate program allows you to conveniently plan your study schedule around commitments to your job and family. Our institution is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

The Capitol Region Education Council, established in 1966 by the Connecticut State Legislature, has developed a wide array of high-quality programs and services to meet the educational needs of children and adults in Connecticut’s capitol region. Among its mission objectives are the development of specialized educational programs for students with hearing impairments, special needs and a variety of other physical and behavioral challenges and the creation of innovative partnership programs that help adults develop real, job-ready skills.

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