College Unbound

College Unbound

Charter Oak State College Partnership with College Unbound (Big Picture Learning)

College Unbound, located in Providence, Rhode Island, has partnered with Charter Oak State College to help adult students earn college degrees. College Unbound provides the support services. Charter Oak provides the courses.

Together we have created a project-based concentration to help students develop 21st century work skills through an Individualized Concentration with a focus in Organizational and Community Studies. Students also have the option of developing an individualized concentration to meet their unique needs or select a subject area concentration.

Students become a part of the Charter Oak student body, and as such are eligible for all support services. Students graduate with a degree from Charter Oak State College.

The courses in College Unbound's Organizational and Community Studies program are listed among Charter Oak State College's Public Administration courses. Also see our Public Administration course syllabi.

For further information on the program, contact Charter Oak State College Admissions Office at