Academic Autobiography


The Academic Autobiography is an essay in which you write reflectively about your degree as a whole, with emphasis on your concentration, the credits that fulfilled your General Education requirements, and how they are interrelated.

Use our Academic Autobiography Audio/Visual PowerPoint-style presentation as a resource for writing Your Academic Autobiography.


  • Your essay should be word-processed or typed, double-spaced, and between 750-1000 words.
  • In order to graduate you must receive a satisfactory grade.
  • You must submit the Academic Autobiography no later than four months before your anticipated graduation date to allow time for faculty review.

The Academic Autobiography Process

  1. Student will submit the Academic Autobiography along with the proposal form to Charter Oak State College.
  2. Charter Oak State College will send the Academic Autobiography, the cover sheet, the student's status report; the student's approved concentration form, the grading rubric, the grading explanation sheet, and the faculty approval sheet to the faculty reviewer.
  3. The faculty reviewer will return all materials to Charter Oak State College with the approval sheet completed.
  4. The results will then be sent to the student.


PLEASE NOTE: Since the Academic Autobiography is an assessment piece, your Academic Counselor can neither assist you with the writing nor provide feedback on the content.