Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford Training Programs

Credits Available

  • Basic Reading Tutor Training: 3 credits, upper division level
  • ESL Tutor Training: 3 credits, upper division level
  • Workshop Leader Training: 1 credit, upper division level

Dates Valid

Fall 1987 through 1997

Source of Records

Workshop Leader Training: Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford; 30 Arbor Street; Hartford, CT 06106

About the Training Sponsor

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford (formerly Literacy Volunteers of America - Connecticut, Inc.) is a voluntary organization whose goal is to reduce the number of functional illiterates in Connecticut through individual tutoring. The state organization is affiliated with the national organization, Literacy Volunteers of America, located in Syracuse, New York. The Connecticut organization has 18 local affiliates. The training programs for Basic Reader Tutor Training, ESL Tutor Training, and Workshop Leader Training have been developed by the national organization. Workshop Leader Training is offered by the state organization. Tutor training is offered by each affiliate and is taught by an instructor who has completed the Workshop Leader Training course. Affiliate training is monitored and evaluated by the state organization.

Applying for the Credit

Have your training sponsor submit your transcript or record to the Registrar to apply for the credit.

Course Descriptions

Basic Reading Tutor Training: 3 credits, upper division level
To prepare volunteers to teach basic literacy skills to functionally illiterate adults.

ESL Tutor Training: 3 credits, upper division level
To prepare volunteers to teach conversational English to non-English speakers using the listening/speaking/reading/writing process of language learning as an integrated whole. The course includes the following topics: Orientation to LVA; language as communication; speak awareness; culture; relating language to survival needs; elements of a lesson; tutor signals/gestures; repetition, substitution and response drills; transformation and box drills; conversation techniques; audio-lingual, problem-posing, role play and language experience approaches; materials; comprehension/fluency; ongoing assessment; and creating the lesson plan.

Workshop Leader Training: 1 credit, upper division level
To prepare trainers to lead tutor training workshops for local affiliates. Topics covered are the history, philosophy, and goals of the LVA program; review of tutor training; characteristics of the adult learner; planning and preparing for an LVA Tutor Training Workshop; testing clients; presentation techniques; training principles and behavior, including giving and receiving feedback.