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Real Estate Broker Credential, Rhode Island

Charter Oak State College building

Credits Available

  • BUS 120: Business Law  (3 credits, lower division level)
  • MAT 101: Contemporary Mathematics (3 credits, lower division level)
  • PHL 485: Business Ethics and Individual Values (3 credits, upper division level)
  • PLG 314: Real Estate Law (3 credits, upper division level)
  • PLG 301: Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility (3 credits, upper division level)
  • POL 220: State and Local Government (3 credits, lower division level)

Dates Valid

December 2010 through December 2020

Issuing Agency

Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation, Real Estate Division

Applying for the Credit

Submit a Credential Credit Application to apply for the credit.

  • Charter Oak students: Log into the Acorn Student Portal and look in Student Self-Service / Student Forms.
  • Non-Charter Oak students: Contact the PLA Office to request a Credential Credit Application.