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Concentration - Judaic Studies

Charter Oak State College building

The Judaic Studies concentration includes such areas as the Bible, Talmud, Law, Ethics, Religious Thought, Philosophy, Literature, Hebrew, and History. Students will be exposed to a variety of texts both ancient/classical and contemporary. Students will have the opportunity to study these subjects and gain a knowledge and understanding of the textual materials as well as critical thinking and analytical skills that can be used in other disciplines. Students must also demonstrate proficiency in reading and translating Hebrew through Hebrew language courses or courses that use Hebrew texts. This concentration requires a minimum of 36 credits.

Concentration Requirements:

Bible3 credits
Law3 credits
Philosophy/Ethics3 credits
History3 credits
Talmud3 credits
Judaism and Contemporary Society
Examples: Judaism and Business,
Judaism and Medical Ethics
3 credits
Literature3 credits
Electives related to the concentration12 credits
Capstone - JUD 499 (Culminating course in concentration)3 credits
Pre-requisite: Hebrew6 credits
Note:Only grades of C of higher may be included in the concentration.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a concentration in Judaic Studies will be able to:
  1. read and utilize primary and secondary source materials;
  2. critically interpret Judaic concepts;
  3. discuss the historical development of Judaism as a world religion (e.g., Ancient Judaism, Medieval Judaism, the Haskala [Jewish Enlightenment] and the encounter with modernity);
  4. demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the significance of the Torah, Talmud and Bible in Judaism and their place in contemporary society;
  5. use critical and analytical thinking skills in applying theory to practice; and
  6. demonstrate a foundation in Jewish law and tradition, and the skills to approach the texts independently.