Pharmacist Refresher Course

The Pharmacist Refresher course is a non-credit, certificate refresher course for pharmacists who wish to return to community pharmacy practice after an absence from practice for three or more years.

The course consists of three modules, all of which have been approved for American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) continuing education credits. The first two modules are completely online and composed of weekly study segments that allow you to work on your own, at your own pace. The third module consists of a three-week, 90-hour 'live' experience in a community pharmacy. The Connecticut Pharmacy Association (CPA) will assist in sourcing a pharmacy at which you will complete the module.

You must complete all three course modules in order to earn the Pharmacist Refresher Course Certificate. Should you opt to participate in Modules One and/or Two, only, for personal enrichment, you will earn ACPE credits through CPA.

Module Descriptions

Module One addresses the most commonly prescribed drugs, the most commonly used over-the-counter (OTC) medications, nutritional supplements, and herbal products. Focus is on the "Top 200" drugs and the disease states for which they are used. This module is accessible for eight weeks and should take approximately 50 hours to complete.

Module Two addresses pharmacy law, third party issues, and prescription processing with a focus on safe prescription practices. The module is accessible for a six-week period and should take approximately 45 hours to complete.

Module Three * is a supervised, three-week, 90 contact hour, hands-on practicum in a community pharmacy setting. You will incorporate knowledge acquired from Modules One and Two with experience gained from Module Three to provide effective counseling and safe dispensing practices.

A current pharmacist license, professional liability insurance and health and disability insurance are required to participate in Module Three.

Course Registration

You do not need to apply to, or matriculate (enroll) with, Charter Oak State College in order to take these non-credit courses. Participants need to first fill out a Registration Request to obtain an account. Once you have an account, to register for the course, visit MyCharterOak and click on Course Registration in the left hand navigation. Select your Academic Term, select "Pharmacy" from the Department drop down options, and select "Non-Credit" from the Division drop down options.  Click on the  Search button, and select the course from the list.

Tuition for Pharmacist Refresher Course Modules
Module One$550
Module Two$550
Module Three *$550

* Participants who would like to complete Module 3, must first contact the Connecticut Pharmacists Association by email or phone (860) 563-4619 to determine eligibility and get approval prior to registering. Please note that placement is based on availability and is not guaranteed.