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Public Safety Administration Courses

Online Public Safety Classes that are Accelerated, Interactive, and Relevant

The 12 courses that comprise the Public Safety Administration concentration are as follows:

  • PSA 305 Ethics in Public Safety (3 credits) - Exploration of case issues and philosophies as they relate to personal and professional accountability in the public safety environment.
  • PSA 315 Human and Community Service Delivery (3 credits) - Survey of varying models and applications of public safety service delivery systems throughout the United States.
  • PSA 330 Cultural Diversity in Public Safety (3 credits) - Identification and analysis of various cultures and their diverse historical, economic and societal variations within the context of the public safety sector.
  • PSA 335 Group Dynamics (3 credits) - Examines how group behavior affects organizational effectiveness, decision making, conflict resolution, and strategies for efficient group and task management in public safety organizations.
  • PSA 355 Human Resources in Public Safety (3 credits) - Examines policies, behaviors and motives affecting recruiting, training, evaluation and current legal issues in human resources as they pertain to the public safety arena.
  • PSA 360 America's Homeland Security (3 credits) - Surveys the historical development, creation and purposes of and the Department of Homeland Security and the corresponding national Strategy for Homeland Security. Examines the effectiveness of such policies within a democracy.
  • PSA 410 Political and Legal Systems for the Public Safety Professional (3 credits) - Analysis and application of the governmental and legal systems affecting the operational and optimum functioning of public safety organizations.
  • PSA 425 Counteracting Terrorism (3 credits) - An exploration of current issues, proposed solutions and shortcomings in public safety preparation for and response to the threat of terrorism.
  • PSA 440 Research Methodology (3 credits) - Analysis of problems and needs within the public safety sector, review related literature, collect data, measure objectives and apply analytical skills to a public safety related research project.
  • PSA 445 Strategic Planning (3 credits) - Examines the fundamentals and application of strategic analysis and planning in public safety organizations.
  • PSA 465 Global Perspectives on Emergency Management (3 credits) - Examines the anthropology of disaster and its potential effects upon emergency management and first responders through a comparative analysis of how the sociocultural background of communities from around the world can drastically affect the impact of disasters.
  • PSA 499 Capstone Course: Leadership in Public Safety (3 credits) - Synthesis of leadership theory in relation to the other Public Safety Administration courses into a succinct research project that assimilates information to culminate the Public Safety Administration program.

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