Reopening FAQs

Staying true to prior communications, initial survey responses were utilized as the first indicator and framework for a plan that will continually evolve. Any employee wishing to telecommute may do so as long as their duties can be performed reasonably from a remote location. As offices open to the public, employees should continue to work directly with their supervisor for on-site logistics and department continuity. Management understands everyone’s comfort level is different; therefore, wish to extend as much flexibility as reasonably possible and allowable by the State.
On-site testing will not be performed by the College nor will temperature checks as many of those infected do not register elevated temperatures. Signage will be posted mandating any individual displaying symptoms not enter the campus facility. As departments schedule sessions with visiting students and vendors, additional inquiries may be performed with the visitor to re-affirm that individual has not tested positive and is in compliance with State and CDC quarantine mandates. It is presumed that employees and visitors will be able to maintain appropriate social distancing by utilizing the designated area (Fleet Room). Employees should work with their Department head to develop protocols for the types of interactions the department will be holding with students and visitors.
In addition to working closely with the Governor’s Office, the College is individually represented at a roundtable discussion with each of the Colleges and Universities that reside in Connecticut to allow for the sharing of information and collective strategies. For simplicity, if the infection rate of the general public expected to be on the Charter Oak campus spikes and the safety protocols implemented on campus are no longer effective, the College will not hesitate to move employees back to a full telecommuter schedule. This also applies not only to infection rates but any additional substantiated information that requires a change to Charter Oak’s protocols.
Charter Oak adopted its first telecommuting policy in November 2001 and has generally led the State with flexible and effective work arrangements. The telecommuting policy was last revised in 2018 and will likely be revisited in 2021 and updated based on the experience received in connection with the pandemic. The College cannot definitively at this time comment on what changes will be yielded from the visitation, but safety will continue to be the number one priority for employees of the College and any such extensions or changes to telecommuting will be made available to employees in a timely fashion as needed.
No, the assignment to an A or B week allows an individual to work on-site as needed; telecommuting may continue and the flexibility of working on campus or at home for portions of the assigned week is okay. Arrangements should be discussed and resolved between the employee and department head.
Approvals for schedule changes will granted by the Steve Hurlburt, Controller and should be requested via email. Michael Moriarty, CFAO should be cc’d as a backup in case there is an absence in the Controller’s Office.  
The restrooms on the lower floor of Manafort and immediately next to the testing lab at Alumni have been designated as the restrooms to be utilized for visitors. Appropriate signage will be displayed identifying those areas.
The Governors Office in addition to CSCU have directed us to provide our students with the opportunity to be obtain services on site if requested. Each department head should ensure we fulfill this obligation. Whereas many of our services can be provided remotely, we should continue to project a welcoming and supportive environment to our students and honor these requests.
Yes, there will be no restrictions associated with age for those entering the building as a visitor or accompanying a parent. Employees and visitors are required to wear a mask when a distance of 6ft cannot be maintained from each other. This requirement extends to individuals 2 years of age or older.
All visitors and employees who cannot maintain a social distance of 6ft must wear a mask (unless under the age of 2 years old). Written medical documentation may be provided by the individual evidencing the exemption from the requirement. It is encouraged for employees to maintain appropriate distance in these scenarios where one party does not have a mask. In the event a visitor is not wearing a mask without appropriate reasoning and cannot maintain 6 ft of distance, all employees maintain the right to request that the individual leave campus. These interactions are to be handled with professionalism and patience.
As the volume of students visiting campus is expected to be low, each of these scenarios should be handled on a case by case basis between departments. Department heads who frequently work together should establish a means for a warm transfer to happen whether in person or from an in-person scenario to a solution by phone. At the current time, it is not feasible to ensure an in-person to in-person handoff in guaranteed due to scheduling variations and other variables.
Each campus will undergo cleaning at the end of each day in accordance with CDC standards in addition to undergoing electro-static disinfecting each Sunday. The student appointment area will have disinfecting wipes on both the employee and student side so that wipes can be utilized by each individual if desired.