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Charter Oak State College Encourages Voter Registration
Please register to vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 4th. Get information on deadlines and how to register.

Transform CSCU 2020 Town Hall Meeting Held
On Monday 9/22, Charter Oak State College held our Transform CSCU 2020 Town Hall meeting at our campus and online.

Charter Oak State College Celebrates Constitution Day
September 17th is Constitution Day! Take this opportunity to learn more about this document.

Seeking New Student Alternate Rep to CT's Statewide Student Advisory Committee
Great opportunity to network with students from other institutions and to be part of the discussion on public higher education in CT

Go Back to Get Ahead Registration Event on 8/13
Admissions and financial aid representatives from Charter Oak State College will host a registration event for Go Back to Get Ahead prospective students on Wednesday, August 13th from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Omar Rosario named Student Speaker for Charter Oak State College commencement
Omar Rosario named Student Speaker for Charter Oak State College commencement

Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education

Department Directory | Staff Directory


Ed Klonoski
M.A., University of Hartford
B.A., University of Connecticut
(860) 515-3888
Dr. Shirley M. Adams
Ph.D., Iowa State University
M.A., University of Iowa
B.A., University of Northern Iowa
(860) 515-3836
Clifford S. Williams
M.Ed., Northeastern University
B.A., Northeastern University
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
(860) 515-3760
George F. Claffey, Jr.
M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
B.S., Central Connecticut State University
Dean, Chief Information Officer
(860) 515-3777
Dr. Emily G. Lewis
Ph.D., Auburn University
M.S. Loyala University Chicago
B.S. Calumet College of St. Joseph
Academic Dean, Undergraduate Programs
(860) 515-3860


Moses Adgers Admissions Counselor
(860) 515-3832
Delores Bell Coordinator, Special Programs
(860) 515-3845
Amy Bertolini Clerk Typist
(860) 515-3824
Owen Brandt Network Administrator
(860) 515-3774
Michael Broderick Director of Institutional Effectiveness
(860) 515-3885
Marisa Brondshpitts Test Proctor
Liz Burns Associate, Enrollment Services
(860) 515-3854
Doris G. Cassiday Asst. Director of Academic Programs/Academic Counselor
(860) 515-3840
Angela Chapman Administrative Assistant to the President
(860) 515-3889
Allison Cook Admissions Counselor
(860) 515-3829
Orchid Deer Dalomba Admissions Counselor
(860) 515-3831
Helen Diecidue Senior Associate, Marketing & Communication
(860) 515-3875
Christine Dittrich Research Associate
(860) 515-3884
Cynthia Edgerton, M.Ed., RHIA Director, Health Information Management Program
(860) 515-3833
Deborah Flinn Director, Financial Aid
(860) 515-3873
Ellen Folts Associate, Finance & Administration
(860) 515-3754
Stephanie Fragola Senior Associate, Finance and Administration
(860) 515-3755
Bob Frederick Assistant Director, Admissions
(860) 515-3868
Carmel French Assistant Director, Financial Aid
(860) 515-3864
Dr. Ann Marie Gagnon Academic Counselor
(860) 515-3843
Lila Guillet Assistant to the Provost and Academic Dean / Commencement Coordinator
(860) 515-3753
Nancy Gustafson Student Information Systems Programmer
(860) 515-3772
Carolyn Hebert Director, Marketing
(860) 515-3880
Shawn Holliday Enrollment Counselor, Public Safety Administration Program, Admissions
(860) 515-3859
Peggy Intravia Associate, Academic Affairs
(860) 515-3837
Bill Krysinski Assistant Director, Academic Technology
(860) 515-3775
Linda M. Larkin Director of Academic Services
(860) 515-3841
Melissa Ligon Assistant, Prior Learning Assessment
(860) 515-3866
Amy Luby Assistant Registrar
(860) 515-3826
Suzanne Mathews Admissions Associate
(860) 515-3861
Rowena McGoldrick Associate Manager, Personnel & Business Services
(860) 515-3751
Thomas B. McGovern Foundation Accountant
(860) 515-3853
Donna Morand Associate, Finance & Administration
(860) 515-3757
Paul G. Morganti Associate Registrar
(860) 515-3823
Janice Morin Assistant, Academic Affairs
(860) 515-3827
Lindsay O'Grady Assistant Registrar
(860) 515-3848
Kim Omiecinski Associate, Registrar's Office
(860) 515-3821
Yolanda I. Pacheco Senior Associate, Student Aid & Business Services
(860) 515-3756
Paige M. Pelton Academic Counselor
(860) 515-3842
Lori Pendleton Director of Admissions
(860) 515-3858
Matt Pickering Data Center Administrator
(860) 515-3773
Bevin Rainwater Course Developer
(860) 515-3817
Karen Rollins Associate, Prior Learning Assessment
(860) 515-3855
Dan Russell Senior Associate, Internet Marketing
(860) 515-3881
Marianne Salvatore Academic Counselor
(860) 515-3857
Jennifer Schaefer Advising Assistant, Academic Programs
(860) 515-3852
Sarah Schafer Test Proctor
Karen Schultz Academic Counselor
(860) 515-3847
Karen Severino Associate, Academic Affairs
(860) 515-3812
Janice Silva Clerical Assistant, Special Programs
(860) 515-3850
Paula Silva Financial Aid Associate
(860) 515-3871
Alison Sincovic Assistant, Student Enrollment Services
(860) 515-3856
Roseann Szmeiter Enrollment Services Associate
(860) 515-3869
Nancy Taylor Assistant Director, Corporate Recruitment and Alumni Relations
(860) 515-3863
Larissa O. Urquilla Financial Aid Assistant
(860 515-3872
Frank Valier Health Information Management Coordinator
(860) 515-3834
Dr. Kaitlin Walsh Instructional Designer
(860) 515-3814
Jennifer Washington Registrar
(860) 515-3820
Michelle Way Director, Management Information Systems
(860) 515-3771
Carole Weisberg Coordinator, Early Childhood and Youth Programs
(860) 515-3877
Linda Wilder Coordinator, Prior Learning Assessment Programs
(860) 515-3862
Laurence Wilkinson Director, Finance & Administration
(860) 515-3758
Michael R. Williams Senior Associate, Purchasing and Business Services
(860) 515-3752
Adeline Yllanes Assistant Registrar
(860) 515-3825
Eric Zematis Information Security Officer
(860) 515-3770
Josi P. Zendzian Academic Counselor
(860) 515-3844