Credential Evaluation

Credential Evaluation

Do you have a professional license or credential issued by a state, national or professional organization that required a proctored exam? If so, you may have demonstrated college-level learning that you acquired in preparation for the exam. Our faculty assessors may be able to reverse-engineer the exam and make a credit recommendation for the college course(s) that the learning is equivalent to.

You must be able to supply sufficient information about the content of the examination in order to request evaluation. Credentials submitted for evaluation must be issued by a state, national or professional organization and obtained through a single qualification exam. Certificates of attendance, non-credit courses, and multi-course programs are not eligible for credential evaluation. Charter Oak accepts credit recommendations made by the American Council on Education (ACE), Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP), and National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS); there is no need to submit a request for credential evaluation if it has been evaluated through one of those processes.

Available Credits

Information on the credits available for credentials previously evaluated is available on the Credentials Evaluated page.

Application and Fees

The application form, with a link to current fees, can be found in the student forms section of Acorn. Contact the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Office with any questions.

Points to Consider

  • Discuss your plan with your Academic Advisor. If you already have credit in the subject area of the exam, there is a risk that credit awarded through this process may duplicate some credit already on your transcript.
  • Credit awarded is based on equivalency between college course content and the knowledge assessed on the certification or licensure exam.
  • Your experience is not factored into the assessment, because we look at the exam only, not the training you've had. Your experience may cover a wider range of knowledge than the exam, but the credit recommendation will only be for the content covered by the exam. If you wish to pursue credit for broader learning obtained through your experience, explore the Portfolio Program.
  • Course equivalencies are determined by the faculty assessor and cannot be specified by the student. If you require credit for a particular course, then the Portfolio Program may be a better fit for your needs.