Used Equipment Sale

Used Equipment Sale

Charter Oak State College is holding a cash & carry tag sale of used computer equipment at 85 Alumni Rd, Newington, CT on Thursday, December 19th from 10am to 2pm.

Sale Notes

  • No hard drives or operating systems included
  • Except for iMacs or as noted, NO power cords, keyboards, mice or cabling included
  • All items sold "As-Is"; NO WARRANTIES - NO RETURNS

Sale Terms

  • Cash and Carry only
  • No items will be held, stored, or shipped.
  • Items must be paid for AND removed from the premises on the day of the sale.  No Exceptions.

Items for Sale

TagDescriptionS/NPurchased PriceSuggested Sale Price
1277Cisco Catalyst 3524(WS-C3524-PWR-XL)FAA0515K0EY$5,455.02$25.00
1397Nokia Firewall IP3509N024301804$4,055.00$25.00
1384Laserjet 2300 dtn PrinterCNBCC34832$1,299.00$30.00
1403Dell PowerEdge Server 285079KK071$7,388.37$30.00
1404Dell PowerEdge Server 285099KK071$7,388.37$30.00
1405Dell PowerEdge 2850 ServerB9KK071$7,388.37$30.00
1406Dell PowerEdge Server 2850D9KK071$7,388.37$30.00
1439Cisco Catalyst 2970GCAT1023N1LK$3,039.53$40.00
1446Dell PowerEdge Server 175075LVR51$3,031.50$30.00
1448Cisco Switch 2970GCSG0832P0PG$3,039.53$40.00
1470Dell PowerEdge Server 2850C0YD771$5,974.80$30.00
1471Dell PowerEdge Server 285011YD771$5,974.80$30.00
1472Dell PowerEdge Server 285031YD771$5,974.80$30.00
1512Dell Latitude D620/D631 LaptopGL9SJ81$2,928.34$15.00
1516Dell Dual-Core PowerEdge Server 28003XM2Y91$12,290.25$30.00
1528Nokia Firewall IP26093061500846$41,244.00$40.00
1533Dell PowerEdge 2850 ServerBSNL891$5,620.45$30.00
1537HP LaserJet (needs network card)CNGXB32876$4,387.27$50.00
1548Cisco Catalyst 4948FOX102609WK$10,575.00$250.00
1549ProCurve Switch 5412ZL-96GSG637SVO1E$17,324.00$1,600.00
1551Dell PowerEdge 2950 ServerGFKHBC1$4,104.25$30.00
1552Dell Latitude D620/D635 LaptopBLSF9C1$2,418.58$15.00
1556Dell Latitude D620/D630 LaptopHFSF9C1$1,963.10$15.00
1567HP Server for VisionMan Software00098304$1,879.67$30.00
1568HP Server for VisionMan Software00098300$1,879.67$30.00
1569HP Server for VisionMan Software00098296$1,879.67$30.00
1577Dell Latitude D620/D633 Laptop22Y0DF1$1,956.00$15.00
1578Dell Optiplex 755 PCFWNZCF1$1,243.90$25.00
1579Dell Optiplex 755 PCGWNZCF1$1,243.90$25.00
1580Dell Optiplex 755 PCHWNZCF1$1,243.90$25.00
1582Dell Optiplex 780 PCFLBTBM1$1,243.90$25.00
1583Dell Optiplex 755 PC9WNZCF1$1,243.90$25.00
1584Dell Latitude D620/D634 LaptopH1Y0DF1$1,956.00$15.00
1585Dell Latitude D620/D637 Laptop72Y0DF1$1,956.00$15.00
1587Dell Latitude D620/D636 Laptop52Y0DF1$1,956.00$15.00
1589Dell Latitude D620/D632 Laptop62Y0DF1$1,956.00$15.00
1603Nova Kiosk Assembly w/19" ELO Touchscreen $3,740.00$50.00
161520" iMac, 2.4 GHz "All-In-One", 2G DDR2QP8430Q92PN$1,222.20$200.00
161620" iMac, 2.4 GHz "All-In-One", 2G DDR2QP8430Q32PN$1,222.20$200.00
161820" iMac, 2.4 GHz "All-In-One", 2G DDR2QP8430L02PN$1,222.20$200.00
161920" iMac, 2.4 GHz "All-In-One", 2G DDR2QP8430PF2PN$1,222.20$200.00
162020" iMac, 2.4 GHz "All-In-One", 2G DDR2QP8430MU2PN$1,222.20$200.00
162220" iMac, 2.4 GHz "All-In-One", 2G DDR2QP8430PW2PN$1,222.20$200.00
1780ProCurve Switch 3500-48SG022TH014$3,080.92$200.00
1 eaHP Desktop Ink Jet Printer 6122  $30.00
1 eaHP Desktop Ink Jet Printer 6122  $30.00
10+Dell Laptop Docking Stations  $5.00 each
10+ pairsServer rack rails (drawer-type sliders)  $50/Lot
TANF00001HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PPN$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00002HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQQ$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00005HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQK$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00006HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PR8$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00007HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQ0$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00009HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQB$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00010HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQD$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00011HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4921PPT$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00015HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PRC$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00016HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PRF$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00019HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQG$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00020HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PRS$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00022HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PPR$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00023HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQL$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00025HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQN$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00026HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PR0$1,666.00$30.00
TANF00027HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQ3$1,666.00$30.00
28 (NC)HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PQ4$1,666.00$30.00
29 (NC)HP NX9010 Notebook w/power packCNF4291PRK$1,666.00$30.00
31 (NC)IBM Thinkpad R5199-CLB38Unknown$25.00
TANF00035HP Compaq NX9030 Notebook w/power packCNF4390KMT$1,829.00$30.00
TANF00037HP Compaq NX9030 Notebook w/power packCNF4390KJ8$1,829.00$30.00
TANF00041HP Compaq NX9030 Notebook w/power packCNF4390KGV$1,829.00$30.00
TANF00044HP Compaq NX9030 Notebook w/power packCNF4390KJP$1,829.00$30.00
WIT0107Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop #T60L3-CY355 07/08$1,293.00$30.00
WIT0108Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop #T60L3-CW628 07/08$1,293.00$30.00
CTW0144Lenovo Thinkpad Edge NotebookLRPVHD7$1,005.00$30.00
1341 (NC)IBM Thinkpad78-GPVVWUnknown$30.00
CTW0157HP ProBook 45252CE10316YZ$545.00$15.00
Qty=42Leather & Nylon Notebook Bags (Qty is approximate)  $10.00 Each
Qty=27Computer Flat-Screen Monitors - 19" Diagonal with and without Speaker Bar  $10.00 Each