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New CT Education Academy to Launch
Academy will provide training for CT state workforce

Charter Oak Offers New Non-Credit Cybersecurity Courses
Courses teach latest cybersecurity skills

Charter Oak Ranked First for Affordability
College offers most affordable online degree program in state.

Four Join College Staff
Academic and leadership staff additions.

Charter Oak Launches Health Care Major
New major focuses on health care workforce

Charter Oak awards 2013 Community College Transfer Scholarship
Charlene Hill of Meriden, CT is awarded annual scholarship

Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education
Cost Comparison Chart

Tuition and Fees - Affordable Degree Completion

Calculate the cost of completing your degree at Charter Oak State College

Use our Net Cost Calculator to estimate the total cost of attending Charter Oak State College. (Cost of attendance is based upon Fall 2013 tuition and fees.)

Since every student comes to us with a unique set of circumstances, the cost of completing a degree varies for each individual. If you or your spouse are a military servicemember, please visit the Military Tuition and Fees page.

To assist you in managing costs, a Payment Plan may be utilized for fees in excess of $500 (not including admissions or testing fees). You may also apply for other forms of Financial Aid.

Fees below applicable as of July 1, 2013


The application fee is $75 and includes an evaluation of how your credits may fit into a degree plan.

More information on the application fee can be found in FAQs and How to Apply.

College Fee

College Semester Fee

Associate and Bachelor's Degree
   Connecticut Resident $180


The college fee is charged to all new and returning students. The semester based fee must be paid at the time of enrollment and will be automatically billed to your account once you become a student. (3 times/year).

Once you are enrolled in the College, you will be automatically enrolled in an appropriate writing course or the required IDS 101 Cornerstone Course. The associated tuition charges will be posted to your account for payment within one (1) business day for which you will be responsible.


The graduation fee covers faculty evaluation and validation of your academic record. Degrees are awarded three times per year.

  • Graduation fee = $205

Tuition & Fees

The following fees are not required of every student; however, depending on your needs, may apply.

Credit-earning Tuition & Fees

Charter Oak Distance Learning Courses

Connecticut resident College Fee per semester $180
Nonresident College Fee per semester $240
Online course tuition
Connecticut resident per credit $258
Nonresident per credit $339

Charter Oak Certificate Programs

Certificate Application fee (non-refundable)* $75
Connecticut resident College Fee per semester $180
Nonresident College Fee per semester $240
Online Certificate Courses
Certificate Application fee (non-refundable)* $75
Connecticut Resident per credit $258
Nonresident per credit $339

*The certificate application fee is waived for enrolled students.

Please see the CT Directors' Credential or After School Education Credential program pages for information on their fees.

College-level Testing

Charter Oak Exams $75
CLEP $127

Please see the Test Administration Schedule page for more information on standardized testing.

Charter Oak Portfolio Assessment

Course IDS102 (Prior Learning Portfolio Development)
    Connecticut Resident (3 credit tuition) $774
    Nonresident  (3 credit tuition) $1,017
After Course - Per Credit Attempted
    Enrolled Student $91
    Unenrolled Student $118

Please visit Portfolio Overview for additional information.

NOTE: All above fees are not refundable.

NOTE: You may also choose to complete courses at other regionally accredited colleges and universities. In that case, you will pay tuition directly to the institution where the credit is earned.

All College fees are non-refundable. For more information, please review our course policies.

The above information represents the majority of fees, but may not include every program or service offered. Please contact us if you have questions.

Third Party Payees

Students expecting a Third Party Payee to pay for their courses should visit Company Bill - Third Party Payment for more information.