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Charter Oak celebrated Constitution Day 2015 with Online Lecture
History professor Dr. Richard Gerber presented "The 14th Amendment - Then & Now"

Learning Studio Nights @ Charter Oak: Work, Study, Engage
Need to study away from distractions? Come to our Learning Studio Nights! Study, work, & get academic coaching! Events on 10/14, 10/28 & more!

Charter Oak State College Enrollment Up 38%
The College's current enrollment is now at 2,836 students with over 2,000 of those students registered for online courses.

New CT Education Academy to Launch
Academy will provide training for CT state workforce

Charter Oak Ranked First for Affordability
College offers most affordable online degree program in state.

Charter Oak Launches Health Care Major
New major focuses on health care workforce

Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education

Second Baccalaureate Candidates

Students who have received a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university may matriculate in Charter Oak State College to pursue a second bachelor's degree, but not an associate degree, with the permission of the Director of Admissions, Lori Gagne Pendleton ( The second degree must be in a different field of study from the first one. Students seeking admission under this program must submit a letter to the Director of Admissions discussing the rationale for pursuing the second degree prior to completing the application.

To earn a second baccalaureate degree a student must:

  • earn a minimum of 30 semester credits subsequent to the award of the initial degree
  • earn at least 15 of the subsequent credits at the upper level in the new Concentration
  • meet all distributive requirements
  • apply no more than 9 credits from the previous degree earned toward the new Concentration

Persons holding a Master of Arts or Master of Science or an earned doctorate must also request approval in writing from the Director of Admissions before applying for a bachelor's degree program.

Concurrent Degree Policy

A student cannot concurrently earn a degree using substantially the same courses at two different institutions. Prior to completing the application, the student must seek approval from the Director of Admissions. The request for approval must include the field of study of the degree being sought at each institution and the courses to be included. The student must demonstrate that s/he will be taking at least 30 credits that are not in the other degree program. The 30 credits must be in the concentration and a minimum of 15-18 must be at the upper level.