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Charter Oak State College is Connecticut's distance learning degree program under the governance of the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education. It is accredited by the Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges-CIHE.

Letter from the President

July 2016

Welcome to Charter Oak State College! We are pleased that you decided to complete your degree with us. Over the past 42 years, over 13,608 students have completed their Charter Oak State College degrees and are now using those Associate and Bachelor's degrees to accomplish new career goals including Graduate school. And this year we are launching our first graduate degree in Organizational Effectiveness and Leadership. The first classes begin in September.

At Charter Oak State College there is no set time frame for completing your degree. You set your own pace, and you have flexibility as to where and how you meet graduation requirements. Charter Oak State College has designed a set of core competencies that represent the educational accomplishment appropriate to the degree, and you and your counselor will find the best options for your learning style, time constraints and program needs. We only require undergraduate students to take 6 credits from Charter Oak State College -- our Cornerstone and Capstone courses. This catalog and the Charter Oak State College website are valuable tools to assist you as you move toward degree completion. But you make the final decisions about how to best meet Charter Oak State College degree requirements, and that is why we believe the college offers Degrees Without Boundaries.

The Charter Oak State College staff is here to assist you as you plan your educational program. With the help of our Academic Counselors, you have a wide variety of ways to complete your degree. Those options begin with Charter Oak's 300+ courses, and also include instruction at any regionally accredited college or university in the United States, as well as testing, portfolio review, and contract learning. The graduate degree is more structured, but it allows for up to six (6) credits in transfer and up to six (6) credits of prior learning through our portfolio process. You can count on the Charter Oak State College staff to assist you in finding the most efficient and meaningful path to your degree.

We look forward to working with you while you are our student and to awarding your degree when you finish the Charter Oak State College program. Because we pride ourselves on our student focus, I encourage you to contact any member of the College with suggestions or comments about how we can improve the quality of our programs, courses, or service. And I look forward to shaking your hand on Graduation Day.

Ed Klonoski


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