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Below is a listing of all current Charter Oak State College courses.

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Key to Gen Ed Codes

These codes denote which General Education requirements are satisfied by a course.

  • a = Literature/Fine Arts
  • b = Behavioral Science
  • d = Ethical Decision Making
  • e = Written Communication
  • g = Global Understanding
  • y = Information Literacy
  • q = Mathematics
  • n = Non-U.S. History and Culture
  • o = Oral Communications
  • s = Natural Science
  • u = U.S. History and Government
Course NumberNameCRLevelGen Ed Code*Liberal Arts
ACC 101Financial Accounting3.00LDN
ACC 102Managerial Accounting3.00LDN
AMS 499American Studies Capstone3.00UDyY
ANT 102Cultural Anthropology3.00LDbgynY
ANT 499Anthropology Capstone3.00UDbyY
ASE 220Prin of Positive Youth Development3.00LDyN
ASE 255Intro to After School Care & Educ3.00LDyN
ASE 260Program Environ & Curric Dev in ASE3.00LDyN
ASE 265Child & Adolescent Development3.00LDyN
ASE 270Supervision & Leadership in ASE3.00LDyN
ASE 315Positive Guid for Children & Youth3.00UDN
ASE 398After School Education Practicum1.00UDN
ASE 399After School Education Practicum3.00UDN
ASE 499Child & Youth Development Capstone3.00UDyN
BIO 105Nutrition3.00LDsyY
BIO 110Biology 1 with Lab4.00LDsyY
BIO 120Genetics with Lab4.00LDsyY
BIO 130Human Biology with Lab4.00LDsY
BIO 212Anatomy & Physiology3.00LDsY
BIO 215Pathophysiology3.00LDsY
BIO 311Cell Biology3.00UDsY
BIO 499Biology Capstone3.00UDyY
BUS 120Business Law3.00LDyN
BUS 201Business Statistics3.00LDqY
BUS 250International Business3.00LDgyN
BUS 341Risk Management & Insurance3.00UDN
BUS 499Business Administration Capstone3.00UDN
CHE 101Chemistry with Lab4.00LDsyY
CHE 499Chemistry Capstone3.00UDyY
COM 101Speech Communication3.00LDoyY
COM 102Intro Language & Comm Development3.00LDN
COM 103Stndrds & Prct for SLPAs in the Sch3.00LDN
COM 206Methods of Interv for Speech Disord3.00LDN
COM 306Methods of Interv. for Lang. Disrds3.00UDN
COM 307Language & Literacy Development3.00UDN
COM 308Language & Comm Develop in Autism3.00UDn
COM 326Organizational Communication3.00UDbyY
COM 399Speech & Lang Pathology Practicum3.00UDN
COM 499Communication Capstone3.00UDyY
CRJ 101Criminal Justice3.00LDbY
CRJ 210Forensic Science3.00LDsyY
CRJ 215Criminology3.00bY
CRJ 315Race, Class & Gndr in Crim. Jst. Sy3.00UDb,yY
CRJ 325Ethics in Criminal Justice3.00UDdY
CRJ 360Homeland Security &Criminal Justice3.00UDN
CRJ 499Criminal Justice Capstone3.00UDyY
CSS 146Legal Issues/Information Security3.00LDN
CSS 230Managing Risk Information Systems3.00LDN
CSS 245Security Policies & Implem. Issues3.00LDN
CSS 345Auditing IT Infrastrct for Complnc3.00UDN
CSS 346Access Controls,Authentication &PKI3.00UDN
CSS 347Security Strtgs in Wndws OS/Appl3.00UDN
CSS 348Security Strategies in Linux OS/App3.00UDN
CSS 435Fundamentals of Network Security3.00UDN
CSS 436System Forensics, Invest and Rspns3.00UDN
CSS 437Hacker Tech,Tools/Incident Handling3.00UDN
CSS 438 Scrity Strtg for Web Aps & Soc Ntw3.00UDN
CSS 448Cyberwarfare3.00UDN
CSS 490Cybersecurity Capstone3.00UDN
CSS 499Computer Science Capstone3.00UDyN
ECE 101Intro to Early Childhood Education3.00LDN
ECE 176Hlth,Safety & Nutri: Birth to Eight3.00LDN
ECE 210Observ & Assess in EC Programs3.00LDN
ECE 215Behavior Mgt in Early Childhood3.00LDyN
ECE 247Child Development: Birth to Eight3.00LDyN
ECE 250Admin & Supervision in ECE Programs3.00LDyN
ECE 261Infant/Toddler Care: Methods & Tech3.00LDN
ECE 304Adv Lang & Literacy: Infant/Toddler3.00UDN
ECE 310Speech & Language Development3.00UDyN
ECE 321Mathematics for the Young Child3.00UDN
ECE 325Personnel Mgt in Prog for Children3.00UDN
ECE 335Adv Methods ECE/Special Ed- Pre K-K3.00UDN
ECE 350History of Montessori Education3.00UDbyY
ECE 351Advanced Leadership ECE Programs3.00UDY
ECE 399Child Studies Practicum6.00UDN
ECE 450Montessori Literacy Model3.00UDN
ECE 490Child Study Capstone/Practicum ECTC6.00UDN
ECE 499Child Studies Capstone3.00UDyN
ECO 103Macroeconomics3.00LDbY
ECO 104Microeconomics3.00LDbY
ECO 410Global Economics3.00UDbgyY
ECO 499Economics Capstone3.00UDyY
EDU 100Intro to Paraprofessional Training3.00LDN
EDU 101Behavior Strategies/Paraprofession3.00LDN
EDU 102Exceptional Learners/Paraprofession3.00LDN
EDU 103Autistic Learner & Assistive Tech3.00LDN
EDU 104Paraprofessional Internship3.00LDN
EDU 305Autism Spectrum Disorder3.00UDN
EGR 410Boundary Law3.00UDN
EGR 499Engineering Studies Capstone3.00UDyN
ENG 101English Composition 13.00LDeY
ENG 102English Composition 23.00LDeyY
ENG 103Research Writing1.00LDeyY
ENG 198Special Topics in English3.00LD
ENG 202Survey of Literature3.00LDaY
ENG 209Survey of American Literature3.00LDaY
ENG 298Special Topics in English3.00LDaY
ENG 300Mark Twain & His Times3.00UDayY
ENG 301Power Writing3.00UDeyY
ENG 302World Literature for Children3.00UDagnyY
ENG 303American Novel3.00UDayY
ENG 304American Short Story3.00UDayY
ENG 305Science Fiction3.00UDayY
ENG 306Understand Culture Thru Literature3.00UDa,g,nY
ENG 319Literary Theory3.00UDaY
ENG 320Shakespeare3.00UDa,nY
ENG 398Special Topics in English3.00UDaY
ENG 499Literature Capstone3.00UDyY
ESC 111Earth Science3.00LDsY
ESC 120Astronomy3.00LDsyY
ESC 121Astronomy Lab1.00LDsyY
FAR 110Introduction to Film3.00LDayY
FAR 330Women in Film3.00UDagyY
FAR 398Special Topics in Fine Arts3.00UD
FAR 499Fine Arts Capstone3.00UDyY
FIN 210Financial Management3.00LDN
FLN 398Special Topics in Foreign Language3.00LDY
FLN 499Foreign Language Capstone3.00UDyY
FSA 499Fire Service Admin Capstone3.00UDyN
GEO 101World Regional Geography3.00LDbgnyY
GEO 499Geography Capstone3.00UDyY
GLY 198Special Topics in Geology3.00LDY
GLY 499Geology Capstone3.00UDyY
HCA 101Health Care Systems and Admin3.00LDN
HCA 105Medical Terminology3.00LDN
HCA 111The Claims Environment3.00LDN
HCA 201HC Quality Concepts & Principles3.00LDyN
HCA 211Health Care Finance3.00LDN
HCA 301Contemporary Ethical Issues in HCA3.00UDdyY
HCA 311Health Care Economics3.00UDbyY
HCA 321Continuous Qual Improvement in HCA3.00UDyN
HCA 330Terrorism/Disaster Mgt for HC Admin3.00UDyN
HCA 350Transcultural Competency in HCA3.00UDgyY
HCA 399Health Care Adminstration Practicum3.00UDN
HCA 401Regltry & Accred Agenc Requ for HCO3.00UDyN
HCA 411Health Care Law3.00UDyN
HCA 450Leadership in HCA3.00UDyY
HCA 499Health Care Administration Capstone3.00UDyN
HIM 115Principles of Health Inform Mgt3.00LDN
HIM 200Health Information Systems3.00LDN
HIM 205Reimbursement Methodologies3.00LDN
HIM 210Medical Coding & Billing I3.00LDN
HIM 211Medical Billing & Coding II: CPT3.00LDN
HIM 300Medical Vocabularies & Classif Syst3.00UDN
HIM 305Health Info Services Mgt and Ldrshp3.00UDY
HIM 315Healthcare Statistics3.00UDqY
HIM 320Electronic Hlth Records/Info Exch3.00UDN
HIM 405Healthcare Info Law, Prvcy, & Scrty3.00UDN
HIM 410Healthcare Database Design/Develop3.00UDN
HIM 420Health Research and Quality3.00UDN
HIM 498Health Information Mgmt Practicum3.00UDN
HIM 499Health Information Mgmt Capstone3.00UDyN
HIS 101U.S. History 1: New World-Recon3.00LDuyY
HIS 102U.S. History 2: 1877- Present3.00LDuyY
HIS 121Western Civilization 13.00LDnY
HIS 122Western Civilization 23.00LDnY
HIS 200Historical Methods & Materials3.00LDY
HIS 248Hist of the American Constitution3.00LDuY
HIS 249American Constitution:1954-Present3.00LDuY
HIS 250History of Eastern Religions3.00LDgnY
HIS 300The Civil War and Reconstruction3.00UDuyY
HIS 333American Foreign Policy from 19453.00UDguyY
HIS 350Contemporary China3.00UDgnyY
HIS 395Historiography3.00UDY
HIS 397Special Topics in History3.00UDY
HIS 474Hist Israeli-Palestinian Conflict3.00UDgnyY
HIS 499History Capstone3.00UDyY
HLT 102Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease3.00LDN
HLT 103Hospice & Palliative Care3.00LDN
HLT 104Substance Abuse3.00LDN
HLT 105Issues in Aging3.00LDY
HLT 106Rehabilitation3.00LDN
HLT 107Mental Health & Mental Issues3.00LDN
HLT 108Chronic Conditions3.00LDN
HLT 499Health Studies Capstone3.00UDyN
HRM 310Human Resource Management3.00UDN
HRM 311Managing People in a Global Economy3.00UDgN
HRM 312Employment Law3.00UDN
HRM 499Human Resource Management Capstone3.00UDyN
HSE 499Applied Behavioral Science Capstone3.00UDN
IDM 499Interior Design Management Capstone3.00UDyN
IDS 101Cornerstone Seminar3.00LDyY
IDS 102Prior Learning Portfolio Developmnt3.00LDN
IDS 120The Global Village3.00LDagnyY
IDS 400Grant Writing3.00UDyN
ISB 498Business Capstone 11.00UDyN
ISB 499Business Capstone 22.00UDN
ISM 498Math/Science/Technology Capstone 11.00UDyN
ISM 499Math/Science/Technology Capstone 22.00UDyN
ISS 498Social/Behavioral Sci Capstone 11.00UDyY
ISS 499Social/Behavioral Sci Capstone 22.00UDyY
ITE 101Management Information Systems3.00LDyN
ITE 102Introduction to Computer Science3.00LDN
ITE 145Fund Information Systems Security3.00LDN
ITE 220Networking & Data Communications3.00LDN
ITE 225Computer Organization3.00LDN
ITE 310Introduction to Programming PERL3.00UDN
ITE 330Systems Analysis and Design3.00UDN
ITE 345Computer Ethics3.00UDdY
ITE 410Software Engineering3.00UDN
ITE 430Database Management and Design3.00UDN
ITE 499Info Systems Studies Capstone3.00UDyN
JUD 499Judaic Studies Capstone3.00UDyY
LDR 499Organizational Leadership Capstone3.00UDyN
LSH 498History/Humanities Capstone 11.00UDyY
LSH 499History/Humanities Capstone 22.00UDyY
LSM 498Math/Science Capstone 11.00UDyY
LSM 499Math/Science Capstone 22.00UDyY
LSS 498Social/Behavioral Sci Capstone 11.00UDyY
LSS 499Social/Behavioral Sci Capstone 22.00UDyY
MAT 100Elementary Algebra1.00LDY
MAT 101Contemporary Mathematics3.00LDqyY
MAT 103College Algebra3.00LDqY
MAT 105Statistics3.00LDqyY
MAT 115Logic3.00LDqY
MAT 499Mathematics Capstone3.00UDyY
MGT 101Principles of Management3.00LDN
MGT 315Organizational Behavior3.00UDbyY
MGT 325Organizational & Group Dynamics3.00UDbyY
MGT 326Organizational Theory3.00UDyN
MGT 327Organizational Change3.00UDN
MGT 350Entrepreneurship3.00UDyN
MGT 351Managing a Growing Business3.00UDN
MGT 352Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures3.00UDN
MGT 353Eval New Business Opportunities3.00UDN
MGT 360Small Business Management3.00UDN
MGT 365Non-Profit Management3.00UDyN
MGT 370Operations Management3.00UDN
MGT 371Logistics & Supply Chain Management3.00UDN
MGT 425Union and Labor Relations3.00UDN
MGT 431Performance,Compensation & Benefits3.00UDN
MGT 450Leadership Practices3.00UDyY
MGT 451Team Leadership3.00UDyY
MGT 460Fundamentals of Project Management3.00UDN
MGT 462Effective Project Management3.00UDN
MGT 464Mastering Project Management3.00UDN
MGT 467Training & Development3.00UDN
MGT 499Strategic Management Capstone3.00UDyN
MKT 220Principles of Marketing3.00LDyN
MKT 310International Marketing3.00UDgyN
MKT 350Digital Mktg & Comm in a Globl Envr3.00UDgn
MUS 120Rock & Roll: History & Analysis3.00LDayY
MUS 130Survey of Jazz Styles3.00LDayY
MUS 135Music of the Beatles3.00LDaY
MUS 398Special Topics in Music3.00UD
MUS 499Music Capstone3.00UDyY
NUR 190LPN to RN Articulation Bridge3.00LDN
OBM 499Optical Business Mgt Capstone3.00UD
OEL 501Learning Community3.00GR
OEL 520Personal Leadership3.00GR
OEL 525Group Process & Team Dynamics3.00GR
OEL 530Organizational Development Lndscp3.00
OEL 541Business & Economics of an Organ.3.00
OEL 542Effective Communication3.00GR
OEL 553Nonprofit Management3.00GR
OEL 554Nonprofit Resource Dev. & Fundrsng3.00GR
OEL 610Intercultural/Global Perspectives3.00GR
OEL 615Developing & Leading Others3.00
OEL 643Leading Organizational Change3.00GR
OEL 655Roles of Nonprof in Fstrng Soc Chng3.00GR
OEL 690Applied Research Project3.00
OEL 695Capstone Seminar3.00
PHL 201Ethics in America3.00LDdyY
PHL 485Business Ethics & Individual Values3.00UDdyY
PHL 499Philosophy Capstone Course3.00UDyY
PHY 499Physics Capstone3.00UDyY
PLG 105Civil Procedure3.00LDN
PLG 110Technology in Law3.00LDN
PLG 210Legal Research and Writing3.00LDN
PLG 211Criminal Law3.00LDN
PLG 215Wills and Probate3.00LDN
PLG 301Legal Ethics & Prof Responsibility3.00UDdN
PLG 311Elder Law3.00UDN
PLG 314Real Estate Law3.00UDN
PLG 320Family Law3.00UDN
PLG 325Juvenile and Education Law3.00UDyN
PLG 399Paralegal Practicum3.00UDN
PLG 499Paralegal Capstone3.00UDyN
POL 150American Government3.00LDbuY
POL 210Controversies in Law & Politics3.00LDbyY
POL 220State & Local Government3.00LDbyY
POL 225Latin Am Pol & Government3.00LDbgnyY
POL 250Ethics in International Relations3.00LDbdgnyY
POL 300The Modern Presidency3.00UDbuyY
POL 321Constitutional Law3.00UDuyY
POL 334Modern Political Thought3.00UDbY
POL 350International Terrorism3.00UDbgnyY
POL 499Political Science Capstone3.00UDyY
PSA 305Ethics in PSA3.00UDdyY
PSA 315Public Safety Com Delivery Systems3.00UDyN
PSA 330Cultural Diversity in PSA3.00UDbyY
PSA 335Group Dynamics in PSA3.00UDbyY
PSA 355Human Resources in PSA3.00UDN
PSA 360America's Homeland Security3.00UDyN
PSA 410Political & Legal Systems in PSA3.00UDyY
PSA 425Counteracting Terrorism3.00UDN
PSA 440Research Methodology in PSA3.00UDyY
PSA 445Strategic Planning in PSA3.00UDN
PSA 465Global Persp in Emergency Mgt3.00UDgN
PSA 499Leadership in PSA Capstone3.00UDyY
PSY 101Psychology3.00LDbY
PSY 216Psychology Statistics3.00LDqY
PSY 236Lifespan Development3.00LDbY
PSY 248Adolescent Psychology3.00LDbyY
PSY 301Psychology of Play3.00UDbyY
PSY 306Industrial/Organizational Psychol3.00UDbY
PSY 319Psychology of Gender3.00UDbyY
PSY 320Cognitive Psychology3.00UDbyY
PSY 321Social Psychology3.00UDbyY
PSY 322Learning & Memory3.00UDbyY
PSY 333Social Psychology & Deviance3.00UDbyY
PSY 334Psychology of Personality3.00UDbyY
PSY 335Psychology of Exceptional Children3.00UDbyY
PSY 336Abnormal Psychology3.00UDbyY
PSY 410Research Methods for Behav Sciences3.00UDyY
PSY 450Introduction to Neuropsychology3.00UDbsY
PSY 454Psychology of Addiction3.00UDbY
PSY 490History and Systems of Psychology3.00UDbY
PSY 495Psychology Major Capstone3.00UDbY
PSY 499Psychology Concentration Capstone3.00UDyY
PUB 101Intro to Public Administration3.00LDN
PUB 105Intro to Organztnl & Comm Studies3.00UGY
PUB 120Public Administration Law3.00LDN
PUB 140Public Speaking/Debates3.00oY
PUB 205Public Finance and Budgeting3.00LDN
PUB 210Ethics in Public Administration3.00LDdY
PUB 215Making Public Policy3.00LDbY
PUB 230Intergovernmental Relations3.00LDY
PUB 300Globalization & Community3.00UDgby
PUB 301Professional Writing3.00UDeY
PUB 302Community Assessment3.00UDN
PUB 303Reframing Failure3.00UDy
PUB 310Current Issues in Public Admin3.00UDyN
PUB 315Public Policy Analysis3.00UDyY
PUB 320Contextualizing Work3.00UDY
PUB 321Imaging Identities3.00UDaY
PUB 322Cities & Communities3.00UDN
PUB 329History of Labor3.00UDuY
PUB 340Sustainable Impact3.00UDY
PUB 499Public Administration Capstone3.00UDyN
REL 499Religious Studies Capstone3.00UDyY
SCI 201Environmental Science3.00LDsY
SCI 202Interdisciplinary Science Lab1.00LDsyY
SCI 398Special Topics in Science3.00UDY
SOC 101Sociology3.00LDbY
SOC 210Sociology of the Family3.00LDbY
SOC 215Women in American Society3.00LDbyY
SOC 311Sociology of the City3.00UDbyY
SOC 315Sociology of Diversity3.00UDbyY
SOC 320Urban Youth in American Society3.00UDbyY
SOC 350Children, School & the Community3.00UDbyY
SOC 449Social Problems: Impact on Wkplace3.00UDbyY
SOC 450Social Theory3.00UDbyY
SOC 499Sociology Capstone3.00UDyY
SPA 100Spanish for the Workplace3.00LDY
SPA 101Spanish 13.00LDnY
SPA 102Spanish 23.00LDnY
TEC 499Technology Studies Capstone3.00UDyN

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