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(Non-credit= NC)

NUR 190 - LPN to RN Articulation Bridge (3 credits)

This course will focus on expanding on the breadth of the common content from the PNEP (Practical Nurse Education Program) and introducing new theories, processes, and skills specific to statewide registered nurse programs. Primary content areas include the nursing process, the utilization of critical thinking skills, sound decision-making principles and selected theories from the physical/social sciences, humanities, and nursing domains, the communication process, teaching/learning methodologies, the transition in role expectations between LPN and RN, and metrology. A passing grade for progression to the 1-credit clinical course in the student’s home school is considered to be the equivalent of a B minus (80%) or above. This course is sponsored by the Connecticut League for Nursing and has been approved by the Articulation Oversight Committee and the Directors of Connecticut Associate Degree and Diploma Nursing Programs to meet the three-credit LPN to RN transition course requirement of the statewide articulation model.Prerequisite(s): The student must be accepted into a statewide RN program that is participating in the CT Articulation Model Agreement and has the consent of the director of that program to enroll in this course.

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