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Judaic Studies

JUD 499 - Judaic Studies Capstone (3 credits)

This is the capstone course for the Judaic Studies concentration and should be taken in the student's last semester. The student can have no more than 6 credits remaining in their concentration to complete in their degree program prior to enrolling in this course. The Judaic Studies Capstone is designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate that they understand clearly their area of concentration, have mastered the content of the selected field(s) of study, can synthesize the key concepts and ideas and can apply this, with relevance to current issues and trends in modern Jewish life. This is achieved through 2 main components: 1) the development of a project, which incorporates a practical application of the content area(s) from the course of study and is pertinent to current practices in modern Jewish life, along with 2) a well-referenced research paper, supporting the content and concepts in the project, using references from both Judaic/Biblical as well as modern resources. The paper includes a bibliography of the review of the literature (APA style).The course must be taken at Charter Oak State College. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

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