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Political Science

POL 150 - American Government (3 credits)

This course will focus on the study of American politics. Students will learn many of the central concepts in political science to aid understanding and ability to comprehend the American political system. Of particular interest will be the theory and practice of democratic government in the U.S. and institutions and processes of American government as manifestations of democratic values.

POL 210 - Controversies in Law & Politics (3 credits)

This course will focus on the interplay between big legal issues and the political system. The course covers the issues that are at the center of both law and politics, such as the death penalty, gun control, school prayer, and censorship.

POL 220 - State & Local Government (3 credits)

This course will focus on the functions and processes of state and local governments in America, with a practical emphasis on the institutions and policies that affect our everyday lives. Students will be acquainted with the powers and duties of their state legislatures, governors, mayors, city councils, and town managers.

POL 225 - Latin Am Pol & Government (3 credits)

This course will focus on the study of 20th century Latin American politics and government. The vacillation between authoritarianism and democracy will be examined, as well as the role of revolutionary change in the region.

POL 250 - Ethics in International Relations (3 credits)

This course will focus on the origins, theories, traditions, practice, and maintenance of the system of ethics and ethical behavior in the international system. The course explores the actors and ethical questions involved in conflict, trade, human rights, resource distribution, and case studies.

POL 300 - The Modern Presidency (3 credits)

This course will focus on the U.S. presidents and the situations they faced in the 20th and early 21st centuries, which enabled the transformation from a provincial, isolationist nation with a president considered weak by monarchial standards, to its present day state. Prerequisite: ENG 101, ENG 102.

POL 321 - Constitutional Law (3 credits)

This course will focus on a general overview of the Constitution, with a special focus on certain Amendments that have a profound effect on current day America. This will include the First Amendment's protection of free speech, religion and press, the Fifth Amendment's Due Process Clause, the Sixth Amendment's Rights of the Accused, and the Eighth Amendment's cruel and unusual punishment provision. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

POL 334 - Modern Political Thought (3 credits)

This course will focus on an investigation of modern political philosophy and ideas. Critical consideration will be given to modern political thinkers, origins, developments, and present significance. Topics include: Utilitarianism, Liberal Equality, Libertarianism, Marxism, Communitarianism, Citizenship Theory, Multiculturalism, and Feminism. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102. Recommended Prerequisite(s): POL 150.

POL 350 - International Terrorism (3 credits)

This course will focus on the development and evolution of the specific form of international and national political violence known as terrorism. Emphasis will be placed on theories of the causes, historical development, governmental, international responses, and counter-terrorism strategies. Attention will be given to the political dilemmas posed by terrorism in democratic societies, and emphasis will be placed on American policy during the last forty years. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

POL 499 - Political Science Capstone (3 credits)

This is the capstone course for the Political Science concentration and should be taken in the student's last semester. The student can have no more than 6 credits remaining in their concentration to complete in their degree program prior to enrolling in this course. The goal of the course is for the students to integrate the knowledge gained in the Political Science concentration courses. The course must be taken at Charter Oak State College. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

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