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MGT 101 - Principles of Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on a comprehensive overview of the principles of management. It is designed to provide the student with at basic knowledge of the history, vocabulary, and concepts of the field. The primary focus is on the discipline within the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The course covers basic information on managerial skills and the environment. Students will be exposed to a variety of tools that assist management in performing his/her jobs.

MGT 315 - Organizational Behavior (3 credits)

This course will focus on the individual, organizational, and group-level factors that determine people's behavior in organizations, and the direction and success of these organization: personality, values, attitudes, motivation, organizational structure, organizational culture, leadership and management, power and political behavior, group process, teamwork, communication, conflict, and organizational change. Prerequisite(s): ENG101, ENG 102, & MGT 101.

MGT 325 - Organizational & Group Dynamics (3 credits)

This course will focus on a study of group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on decision making and resolving conflict in groups. Prerequisite(s): ENG101, ENG 102.

MGT 326 - Organizational Theory (3 credits)

This course is a macro examination of organizations as it addresses the whole organization as a unit. It relates to how organizations should be designed (organized and changed) to best achieve their objectives and therefore is primarily related to top and middle management concerns. Prerequisites: ENG 101,ENG 102.

MGT 327 - Organizational Change (3 credits)

This course will focus on planned organizational change, defined as a set of activities and processes designed to change individuals, groups, and organizational processes, systems, and structures. The focus of the course is on "how" to change (not "what" to change), and how managers are in ideal positions to anticipate, influence, and generate said change. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102, & MGT 101.

MGT 330 - Diversity & Inclusion in Workplace (3 credits)

This course will provide students with a comprehensive source of information about diversity issues relevant to work, workers, and organizations. Emphasize how crucial an understanding of diversity issues is for individuals and organizations to succeed in today's society. Diversity is often discussed in regards to women and minorities, but includes everyone. Everyone needs to know about the history, the current status of certain groups, and what increasing diversity means for individuals and organizations. Emphasize that everyone has multiple group memberships, and although some combinations are more negative for people's outcomes, experiences, and opportunities, diversity remains relevant to everyone.

MGT 350 - Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

This course will focus on providing a framework for understanding the entrepreneurial process. Concepts, issues and processes are emphasized. Students will be exposed to issues faced by entrepreneurs who start new businesses and their importance to new venture success. Critical thinking and innovation will be emphasized as part of the business creation process. A business model will be developed for a business concept by determining its value proposition, customer segment, customer relationships, competencies, channels, revenue stream, costs, key partners, key resources and the business model canvas and template approaches will be introduced. (Formerly: BUS 350.) Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

MGT 351 - Managing a Growing Business (3 credits)

This course will focus on exploring the variety of ways in which a business can grow. Topics include: how to grow a business using new product and new customer strategies, human resource management issues, how to fund growth, and how to expand the business through licensing, franchise, and expansion. Emphasis will be placed on management practices, innovative marketing, and financial planning. Students will learn how to create a growth plan for a business. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102. Recommended Prerequisite(s): MGT 101, MKT 220, or permission of the instructor.

MGT 352 - Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures (3 credits)

This course will focus on providing a framework for understanding the need for capital and/or other assets when starting a new Venture. It also specifically covers the capital raising strategies of bootstrapping, equity financing, and debt financing. The benefits and constraints of each are covered, including exit strategies. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102 & MGT 350 .

MGT 353 - Eval New Business Opportunities (3 credits)

This course will focus on on identifying and evaluating ideas and market need for new business opportunities, as well as evaluating those ideas to determine their marketability and business potential. The course uses several new business venture analysis models. Students will come up with a business idea abd conduct a feasibility study for it. Additionally, the course covers the startup lifecycle from idea recognition to entry strategy, growth, and exit. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

MGT 360 - Small Business Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on the dynamic world of small business management. The focus is on practical information that would be useful in the real-world for students considering small business management. Students will learn about the rewards and challenges of operating a small business, including how to get a sustainable competitive advantage. The latest developments impacting small business such as new technology and global opportunities will be discussed. The course will also include information about the strategies used by successful small business owners. (Formerly: MGT 310.) Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102, & MGT 101.

MGT 365 - Non-Profit Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on deepening students' understanding of the role of management and leadership in today's nonprofit sector. Topics covered include: the responsibilities and challenges facing today's non-profit managers, the role of the board of directors, planning, funding and staffing programs, financial accountability, and ethical decision making. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

MGT 370 - Operations Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on introducing adult learners to the practice of operations management and the importance of cross-functional decision making. Topics include global operations, production planning and control, quality control, supply chain management, material requirements planning (MRP), and facilities management.Prerequisite(s): ENG101, ENG 102.

MGT 371 - Logistics & Supply Chain Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on providing a perspective into logistics and supply chain management and the practical application of these topics. The course will focus on the physical movement of material and all of the components that make up supply chain management. Prerequisite(s): ENG101, ENG 102. Recommended Prerequisite(s): ACC 102, MGT 101, MKT 220, & BUS 250.

MGT 425 - Union and Labor Relations (3 credits)

This course will focus on providing a strategic knowledge of various labor relations, collective bargaining, and negotiation strategies and tactics across different types of organizations. Students will examine the history, current state, and future of union-management relations in the U.S. and other countries. Course content includes theories originating from labor economics, employment law, human resources management, organizational psychology, sociology, and organizational behavior. Students should gain a knowledge and an understanding of the practices used in the field of industrial relations, with special emphasis placed on technological, ethical, and sociological changes in today's global environment. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102, MGT 101, & MGT 315

MGT 431 - Performance,Compensation & Benefits (3 credits)

This course wil focus onl providing a deeper understanding of the connection between people, strategy, and results in organizations of all kinds, with a particular emphasis on emerging pay for performance systems. Students will investigate performance management including: the importance of human capital in pursuing and achieving an organization's purpose, defining and measuring workforce contributions against articulated goals and desired outcomes, and identifying and applying traditional and non-traditional compensation and benefits to reward performance on actual outcomes. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102, & MGT 101.

MGT 450 - Leadership Practices (3 credits)

This course will focus on exposing students to leadership theories, and examining how leadership theories pertain to the practice of leadership, as well as applying leadership theories into real-life situations. It provides students leadership history, evolution, as well as how the leadership term as been defined and re-defined over decades. A leadership skills inventory assessment questionnaire is used to develop insight into human relations and to gain a deeper insight into the students' own leadership skill strengths and areas needing development. The course will cover multiple dimensions of the leadership topic including different leadership views, power, management theories, and leadership ethics.. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

MGT 451 - Team Leadership (3 credits)

This course will focus on exploring and examining the interpersonal dynamics of teams, team development, conflict management, team leadership and enables adult learners to begin to develop skills for leading teams. It provides students a window into how teams interact within their organization as well as their impact to the entire organization. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102.

MGT 460 - Fundamentals of Project Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on the practice of project management in a team environment. Topics include project management life cycles, basic planning and scheduling, team management, and control tools. Key issues include project goal and scope definitions, team composition and communication, risk and change management, rigorous tracking, and project closeout. Prerequisite(s): ENG101, ENG 102.

MGT 462 - Effective Project Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on building on the fundamental concepts and practices of project management. It compares traditional methods with new adaptive and extreme approaches and cycles designed to meet the modern challenges of compressed timeframe and high risk projects. Topics include developing overview statements, activity identification and resource estimation, the use of joint planning processes to build and manage work packages, working with stakeholders, and communication with client. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102, & MGT 460.

MGT 464 - Mastering Project Management (3 credits)

This course will focus on examining how to drive change and improve business performance by introducing enterprise-wide project management into an organization. Topics include formation of a project management office (PMO), management of a portfolio of projects and review of the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the requirements for professional certification. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102, MGT 460, & MGT 462.

MGT 467 - Training & Development (3 credits)

This course will focus on the application of learning and instructional development to the education and training of employees. Topics include: instructional design, strategies, technology, learning materials, and implementation, evaluation, and management of training in an organizational environment. Roles and skills of the training and development professional will be reviewed. Contribution of training and development to an organization's goals, understanding the training and development industry, and resources available to those in the profession will be covered. Prerequisites: ENG 101, ENG 102.

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