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SCI 201 - Environmental Science (3 credits)

This course will focus on drawing information from several traditional sciences such as chemistry, biology, geology, physics, and botany, along with concepts from engineering, geography, economics, and sociology, to explore key aspects and controversial issues in the field of environmental science. Topics such as local and regional environmental problems, natural cycles, energy, biodiversity, population, human health, air and water pollution, weather, food and water supply, and waste issues will be covered and discussed. The course identifies and emphasizes the connections among all living things and the physical world. Students interested in receiving lab credit associated with this course should enroll in the SCI 202: Interdisciplinary Science Lab.

SCI 202 - Interdisciplinary Science Lab (1 credits)

This lab course will focus on introducing the student to a current topic in a science of their choosing. The student will investigate a specific issue or topic related to their prior education and/or personal experience, establish a hypothesis (if applicable), and test the hypothesis through the scientific method. In an effort to complete this course, the student will select an issue or topic, perform a "lab experience" effort (conduct field work, visit a facility, interview expert sources, etc.), and submit a Lab Experience Action Plan, Draft Lab Experience Report (optional), and a Final Lab Experience Report in American Psychological Association (APA) format. Traditional and web-based research methods and resources will be required and demonstrated throughout the course and specifically in the Final Lab Experience Report. (Formerly Titled: Environmental Science Lab.)

SCI 398 - Special Topics in Science (3 credits)

This course will focus on a study of various aspects of science. The course may be taken for credit multiple times under different topics. Students wishing to register must contact their advisor. Prerequisite(s): ENG 101, ENG 102, & IDS 101.

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