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Health Informatics Courses

HIF 530 - Healthcare Informatics & Technology (3 credits)

This course examines conceptual and theoretical foundations of business management principles and practices essential to health informatics. This course provides the fundamentals of health data management and the role of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other clinical informatics applications in healthcare organizations. Emphasis is given to clinically transformative technologies which include fundamental knowledge of the concepts of health informatics and how technology can be used in the delivery of health care. The intent is to increase the student's capacity for the design, configuration, use and maintenance of informatics interventions that improve health care delivery in order to deliver cost-effective and quality health services.

HIF 540 - Adv Vocab/Classification Sys (3 credits)

An examination of standardized clinical terminologies, healthcare information standards, data sets required for state and federal reporting, and electronic standards needed to attain interoperability. Emphasis is on developing expertise in identifying their appropriate uses and sources and applying them within and among health information systems to promote interoperability.

HIF 550 - Clinical Database Management (3 credits)

Addresses healthcare database theory, database design and database administration. Utilize technology for data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of information by applying knowledge of database architecture and design to meet organizational needs. Emphasis is on requirements and methodologies for assuring data integrity and security in healthcare enterprise information systems.

HIF 615 - Information Technology Project Mgt (3 credits)

This course will lay a solid foundation of concepts and solutions that support the planning, scheduling, controlling, monitoring and completing a project utilizing project management tools. Weaving through the project management life cycle, it will provide guidelines and steps involved in the key project phases initiating, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring, and closing. Emphasis is given to the role of a project manager while exploring effective project management tools. Students will explore project management with a practical, hands-on approach through case studies and exercises.

HIF 635 - Advanced Data Analytics (3 credits)

Using advanced data analytics can improve patient outcomes, lower costs, improve quality and enhance the overall health delivery system performance. This course will provide an in-depth and real-world comprehension of advanced healthcare data analytics topics and the intersecting fields of data mining. The course consists of hands on projects through the understanding of data visualization, implementing scientific decision making, and using predictive data analytics. This includes the use of data to make decisions on business goals and objectives as various types of healthcare organizations and emerging financial models depend on healthcare data analytics. Students will utilize tools and techniques to illustrate and present new knowledge regarding the operations, financial, quality, business intelligence, care and policy in healthcare settings that help to fuel data-driven cultures.

HIF 645 - Healthcare Information Security Sys (3 credits)

Strategies for designing, implementing, auditing and evaluating the technical, physical and human components of an information security system that adheres to a healthcare organization's legal, ethical and organizational requirements. Assessment of security vulnerabilities and threats, exploration of technical applications and software tools used for securing health information systems.

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