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Student Services

Undergraduate individualized degree planning is the hallmark of Charter Oak State College. Students receive academic counseling from both academic counselors and faculty. Each student who is pursuing a baccalaureate degree is assigned to an academic counselor who is a specialist in the academic area that the student has chosen.

Our undergraduate counselors are experts at advising students at a distance. They guide students in finding appropriate learning resources and methods to pursue credit for prior learning, approve course selections, and assist undergraduate students in selecting a major or a concentration and developing their Concentration Plan of Study (CPS). Counselors also grant permission for undergraduate students to register for their courses, including the capstone course in their concentration/major.

Charter Oak State College faculty who have expertise in the student's area of study approve the concentrations and provide advice on courses, writing ability and, if asked, career and graduate school options.

Graduate students are advised by their Program Director to determine which concentration (if applicable) and capstone project best suits their needs.

Accessibility Services

Charter Oak State College is committed to the goal of achieving equal educational opportunities and full participation in higher education for persons with disabilities who qualify for admission to the College. The College's advisement and testing facilities are accessible. As an online institution, the College is uniquely positioned to work with students using a variety of modalities and is able to serve students with a wide range of disabilities.

In order to provide appropriate accommodations, official documentation of the disability is required. Charter Oak State College uses the guidelines as endorsed by CT AHEAD (Association for Higher Education and Disability). In adherence to Amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2008 (S. 3406) and revised Title I regulations, determination of eligibility for accommodations requires an interactive process and is made on a case-by-case basis. The Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) asks that any student in need of academic accommodations please start the application process by filling out the intake form in the Accommodate Portal, along with uploading documentation at the bottom of the form. Students will also find the Medical Provider Documentation form, if needed, at the bottom of the Accommodate intake form. Students will then meet with staff by phone or in person to discuss reasonable accommodations through the interactive process. No student should delay meeting with the OAS out of concern for not having appropriate paperwork.

It should be noted that documentation policies differ from one institution to another. The Office of Accessibility Services' documentation policy is designed to fit the Charter Oak State College student climate and does not consider documentation requirements external to Charter Oak State College. If a student plans to attend another institution to take courses or take a standardized test (MCAT, etc.) administered by an outside agency, the student is responsible for researching those documentation policies and should investigate requirements at least six months prior to an anticipated start date or test date.

Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services at (860) 515-3846 or if you have any questions or concerns. For more information about the Office of Accessibility Services and related resources, please visit the OAS webpage.

Library Facilities

Charter Oak State College's library may be accessed via the MyCharterOak student portal. The library provides students with the 24/7 resources necessary to earn their degree. These services are available to matriculated students and students taking courses.

All Connecticut residents may use the library services and facilities of other public institutions of higher education in the state. Through their local libraries, all Connecticut residents have access to the statewide library service that includes Interlibrary Loan.

Tutoring Services

Charter Oak State College offers free 24/7 online tutoring to undergraduate students. Students will find a link to these online services embedded in each course.

Student Association

The Charter Oak State College Student Association was organized in 1985. All undergraduate and graduate students are automatically members while in active status as degree candidates. The Association's purpose is threefold:

  • to provide an independent channel of communication among degree candidates and with the college administration;
  • to advise on the use of the Association's budget to support students by planning and hosting workshops, webinars, providing scholarships and other methods of enhancing the academic experience of the student population; and
  • to elect a student representative and alternate representative to the statewide Board of Regents Student Advisory Committee as well as electing a student representative to the College's Foundation board.

Governance of the Association is by the Charter Oak State College Student Council, a board made up of degree candidates elected by members. The Council serves as the voice of the Association in matters affecting the interests of matriculated students.

Student Association Advisor is the Director of Academic Services.

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society

At the annual commencement ceremony, Charter Oak State College inducts students, faculty, and staff into its chapter, Chi Omicron, of Alpha Sigma Lambda, the national honor society for undergraduate adult students. To be eligible for consideration a student must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher with a minimum of 50 graded credits. In addition, the student must earn a minimum of 24 credits through Charter Oak State College and be in the upper 10% of the graduating class.

Alumni Services

The Charter Oak State College Alumni Association was established in 1983 to advance the reputation of the College, to support its educational services, and to assist the graduates in furthering their education and their careers. The Alumni Association provides career and educational programs, both at the College and online, provides scholarship funds, and honors graduates with academic citations. Alumni serve on the Charter Oak State College Foundation.

Career Services

For more information on career services, please visit the Career Services webpage.