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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Undergraduate Readmission

Students who left the College in good academic standing may reapply at any time.

Students who have been dismissed will need to wait the allotted time stated at the time of dismissal. To gain permission to reapply, the student will need to submit a written appeal using the petition form found on the student portal. In that appeal, the student will need to address why s/he is prepared to succeed. The petition form should be sent to the Provost via email. It will then be reviewed by the Readmission Committee. The decision of the Readmission Committee is final. The deadline to appeal is two weeks prior to the start of the upcoming term. Any appeals received within two weeks of the start of the upcoming term will be deferred to the following term.

If a student has been dismissed more than once, the student must wait the allotted time stated at the time of dismissal, and follow the appeal process noted above If allowed to return, the student can only take one (1) course per term and must earn a grade of C or better to maintain enrollment at the College.

Students returning on academic probation for the first time, are limited to six (6) credits per semester until they earn a satisfactory career/semester GPA. Those who have been dismissed more than once are limited to three (3) credits per term. 

All returning students must comply with any new degree requirements in effect at the time of reentry.