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Sexual Assault Policy

Sexual Misconduct Reporting, Supporting Measures and Processes Policy

Charter Oak State College seeks to provide a safe environment for employees and students and does not tolerate any type of violence committed against students or employees in person or via electronic means. Though Charter Oak is a non-traditional college community and its students primarily learn at a distance rather than at our campus, the College is mindful of issues of personal safety. Nontraditional students are not immune to incidents of violence. To this end, we want to ensure that all of our students and staff are educated about the issues of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking so they understand the laws, the College's responsibilities, and their rights and responsibilities.

Charter Oak is committed to making certain that its offices are secure and safe environments for students, employees, and visitors. To ensure this safety, the College has established the following policies and practices:

The possession, abuse, or distribution of illicit drugs and/or alcohol by students and employees is prohibited.

All visitors to the College buildings must be granted entry by pressing the buzzer. All visitors are expected to sign in at the reception desk.

The main college building at Manafort Drive is outfitted with security cameras. The security cameras are monitored by Central Connecticut State University security.

The Central Connecticut State Police patrol the parking lot and check on the building at the New Britain facility. The Newington Police patrol the parking lot and check on the building at the Newington location.

Charter Oak State College is governed by the Connecticut Board of Regents (BOR). The following BOR/CSCU policies can be found on the BOR website as well:

For further information on Charter Oak's Title IX process, please refer to the links below:



CSCU Title IX Coordinator:

Mr. Angelo Simoni

Deputy Title IX Coordinator:

David Ferreira
55 Paul Manafort Dr.
New Britain, CT

Personal Safety and Crime Prevention

Many Charter Oak students take traditional classroom courses through other accredited colleges and universities. If you are taking courses on ground at another college, you need to be aware of their policies. You can usually find their policies on their website or at their campus security office. You may want to check their campus safety report which should be on their web site.

Many colleges have "blue light" systems that aid in expediting calls concerning emergencies or criminal incidents. Most are place in high pedestrian walk areas or in secluded areas.

Many colleges have an escort service that will walk student to his/her care in the evening.

Some campuses have safety workshops.

You can view Campus Crime Statistics here. Remember, colleges only report incidences that happen on campus, not in the surrounding areas to college students.

Students and employees are encouraged to take a proactive approach to crime prevention in order to increase their level of security.

Make it a practice to avoid walking alone after dark. Don't wear head phones. Don't use your cell phone.

When walking in a parking lot, especially at night, have your keys ready.

Students should be watchful of alcohol/drug consumption and its effects on their behavior and the behavior of others.

Students should pay attention to their own emotions. If they feel threatened or uncomfortable in any situation, they should leave immediately.

Know the resources in your community to call. If you are assaulted while attending another campus, you should contact that campus security office, local police, or other local resource immediately.

Charter Oak State College is governed by the the Connecticut Board of Regents. The full policies related to: Sexual Misconduct Reporting, Support Measures and Processes and BOR/CSU Statement of Title IX can be found here.