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Student Code of Conduct

When a student ignores or fails to act in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations or Charter Oak State College policies, the Board of Regents and Charter Oak State College have the obligation and right to institute appropriate disciplinary action. Students whose conduct is determined to be unacceptable will be subject to sanctions, following due process, which are commensurate with the gravity of the offense and in the best interests of the College community. Sanctions may include suspension or expulsion.

In addition to the College's Student Code of Conduct, students in the Nursing program must also abide by the guidelines set forth in the Nursing Handbook.

Please review the BOR/CSCU STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT approved in June 2016. Students must abide by both the BOR/CSCU and Charter Oak codes of conduct.


Note: Charter Oak has further expanded upon the Academic Integrity Procedure and it's definition of plagiarism since the publication of the BOR/CSCU Student Code of Conduct in June 2016:

  • The extended version of the Academic Intergrity Procedure for Charter Oak can be found here.
  • Plagiarism is defined as the submission of work by a student for academic credit as one's own work of author ship which contains work of another author without appropriate attribution. It is further defined as the intentional or unintentional use of data, ideas, written or spoken words without giving appropriate credit to the original source, even if the information from the source is paraphrased or in a modified format. Translation sources/programs fall under both these categories because the student is using an outside aid to finish an assignment and using words from another source.

Unless permission is received in advance from the faculty member in charge of the course involved, a student may not submit, in identical or similar form, work for one course that has been used to fulfill any academic requirement in another course at Charter Oak State College or any other institution. If a student perceives the possibility of overlapping assignments, the student should consult with the appropriate faculty. At Charter Oak State College, faculty are encouraged to use a software package that checks for plagiarism. This software package becomes a database for all papers ever turned in. Therefore if a student's paper has been submitted to the database for checking, if it or a similar paper had been turned in before, the results of the review of the new paper will show that a previous similar or identical paper had been submitted for another course. Since assignments vary in purpose, the instructor will stipulate the relationship between original thought/work (data and reasoning) that will be required in each assignment.