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General Studies Major & Concentrations

Some concentrations can be completed by taking Charter Oak State College courses exclusively; others require students to earn credits elsewhere in transfer. Concentrations marked with an asterisk (*) can be completed in entirety by taking courses offered at Charter Oak State College.

Descriptions, requirements, and student learning outcomes are available for the following concentrations:

Interdisciplinary Concentrations

Subject Area Concentrations that can be completed entirely by taking courses at Charter Oak State College

Subject Area Concentrations that can be completed by taking some courses at Charter Oak State College.

These concentrations require students to take courses elsewhere

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a major in General Studies will be able to:

  1. demonstrate knowledge of the subject area concentration or demonstrate knowledge of two or three areas or study if the concentration is Individualized or Liberal Studies through courses and work experience, as appropriate;
  2. integrate knowledge and modes of thinking from subject area(s ) chosen;
  3. think creatively about complex problems in order to construct, evaluate, and implement innovative possible solutions;
  4. communicate effectively through written, oral, and digital form knowledge of the subject area(s) and if Individualized or Liberal Studies, how the subject areas relate; and
  5. use higher-order thinking skills such as interpretation, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, creative generation, and innovation.

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