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Bachelor's Degree in General Studies, Health Studies concentration

female nurse in hospital setting

The Health Studies concentration is designed for those who are already health care professionals. The focus of the Health Studies concentration is to prepare health care practitioners to function in a dynamic health care environment and to expand on current knowledge and skills. It is designed to provide students with the ability to organize information for communicating clearly with consumers, the community, and members of the health care team. The concentration defines health broadly and holistically. It requires a strong base of health knowledge and a solid understanding of the factors that influence health behaviors. This concentration requires a minimum of 39 credits.

Potential students who are interested in this Health Studies concentration may also be interested in our Health Information Management bachelor's degree or Health Care Administration bachelor's degree.

Concentration Requirements

Anatomy and Physiology6-8 
Health Care Professions12These credits must be in a single Health Care specialty - e.g., RN, Radiological Technologist, etc.
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention3Wellness, Communicable Diseases, Nutrition
Public Health Policy3Health Care Delivery Systems, Public Health, Health and Economics, Public Health Policy
Lifespan Developmental Psychology*3Human Growth and Development, Lifespan Developmental Psychology
Psychology or Sociology3Choose one: Abnormal Psychology, Counseling, Diversity, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Medical Sociology, Minorities, Psychology of Personality
Research Methods3 beyond freshman levelResearch Methods or Experimental Design
Capstone3HLT 499 (Culminating course in concentration)
Pre-requisite: General Psychology3General Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Principles of Psychology

* Will not satisfy part of the upper division requirements in the concentration.

Note: Only grades of C of higher may be included in the concentration.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a concentration in Health Studies will be able to:
  1. demonstrate knowledge of core biological and psychological concepts that impact human health;
  2. demonstrate core knowledge of human development and its relationship to health and health behaviors across the lifespan;
  3. utilize a comprehensive and holistic approach in assessing health needs of individuals and populations;
  4. collect, interpret, and evaluate health information in order to contribute to consumer knowledge and health care delivery systems;
  5. integrate and apply appropriate health promotion and disease prevention strategies in a variety of community/health care settings;
  6. analyze influences of public health policy and global health concepts on individuals and health care delivery systems;
  7. interpret different care delivery systems and interdisciplinary roles in the health and wellness; and
  8. employ effective communication and problem-solving skills to improve the health of humans across the lifespan and in a variety of settings.