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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Non-Collegiate Course Providers

Charter Oak State College maintains a number of partner agreements with non-collegiate course providers and lists of transferable courses may appear on the partner’s website. The inclusion or exclusion of courses on these lists does not guarantee or automatically preclude the acceptability of transfer credit. The transfer guides are subject to change at the discretion of Charter Oak State College Faculty and the Registrar’s Office and may be updated at any time. Questions regarding the acceptability of credit or equivalency should be made prior to earning credits or before matriculating at Charter Oak State College. All other courses, programs or exams offered by alternative educational providers (non-regionally accredited entities) recommended for credit by NCCRS or ACE will not be accepted in transfer unless an agreement with the provider and Charter Oak exists. Official transcripts from each individual course provider are required, consolidated transcript from Acclaim are not considered official for credit transferStudents will be limited to a total of 90 degree-applicable credits for a Bachelors degree and 45 degree-applicable credits for an Associate degree, from non-regionally accredited course providers, even if an agreement is in place.

Note: Charter Oak currently has agreements with the following organizations:

  • AP
  • CLEP
  • CSM Learn
  • DSST
  • StraighterLine
  • Saylor
  • Sophia


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