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Reverse Transfer

Reverse Transfer is a process where undergraduate credits earned at Charter Oak State College, after transferring from one of the 12 Connecticut State Community Colleges, are transferred back to the community college attended to determine if a student is eligible for an associate degree.

The associate degree is a marketable credential on a résumé and an important milestone in a student's education. Employers value the associate degree as evidence of your commitment to expanding your knowledge and achieving your educational goals. The associate degree can make a difference in your long-term success.

Undergraduate students, who recently transferred from one of the 12 Connecticut Community Colleges, may be notified that they are eligible for an associate degree based on the criteria below:

  • currently enrolled and matriculated in a baccalaureate degree program;
  • have transferred from a CT community college within the past 2 years and have NOT earned an associate degree;
  • have transferred into the college/university a minimum of 45 credits from a single CT community college;
  • where students have earned additional credits at other colleges/universities beyond the 45 credits above, the community college where the student earned the highest number of credits would be identified for reverse transfer; and
  • have completed a minimum of 15 credits at the baccalaureate institution.