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Billing & Payment of Fees

Student Financial Responsibility Statement

When a student registers for any class or receives any service from Charter Oak State College the student accepts full responsibility to pay all tuition, fees, and other associated costs.

Students are able to view and print a Statement of Activity through the MyCharterOak Portal. Billing statements are also available with historical activity. These statements should be used for any student submitting for reimbursement. No other statement will be provided.

All communication regarding your student account from the Bursar's Office will be through your Charter Oak E-mail.


When a student drops or withdraws from some or all of the classes for which the student registers, the student is responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees in accordance with the published tuition refund schedule.

A student’s failure to attend class or receive a bill does not absolve the student of financial responsibility as described above.

If a student wishes to appeal charges on their account, he or she must appeal in writing with justification, to the Provost, within 15 days of the end of the semester.

Delinquent Accounts

Financial Hold

If a student fails to pay his/her account by the scheduled due date, Charter Oak State College may place a financial hold on the student account, preventing future course registration and/or receipt of other College services, transcripts of grades or other official papers.

Late Payment Charge

If a student fails to pay the account bill or any monies due by the scheduled due date, Charter Oak State College may assess a late payment charge.

Cancellation of Classes

If a student fails to pay the account bill or any monies due by the scheduled due date, the student’s class schedule may be cancelled. If the student registers during the late registration period the student will be required to pay a late registration fee, as well as the account balance in full.

Residency/Address Changes

Address changes are based on the CT Board of Regent's residency policy. If residency changes prior to the start of courses, the charges will be updated appropriately. 

Credit Reporting & Collection Agencies

If a student fails to pay the account bill or any monies due by the scheduled due date, and fails to make acceptable payment arrangements to bring the account current, Charter Oak State College may refer delinquent accounts to a collection agency. Delinquent accounts may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus.

Tax Intercept

Charter Oak State College utilizes the Connecticut State Tax Intercept Program under Connecticut General Statue 12-742. Under the law the Commissioner of Administrative Services is authorized to intercept State Refunds to offset debts or obligations owed to the State of Connecticut-Charter Oak State College.

Returned Payments

If a payment made to a student account is returned by the bank for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to repay the original amount of the payment plus a returned payment fee. Multiple returned payments and/or failure to comply with the terms of any payment plan may result in cancellation of classes, suspension of eligibility to register for future classes, and loss of ability to pay by check/eCheck at Charter Oak State College.

Student Services Fee

The Student Services Fee supports several functions provided to students inclusive of access to academic advising and accessibility counselors, library materials and tutoring services. Portions of this fee are deposited to student associations for reinvestment in the student population. 

The Student Services Fee is a required fee and is charged to all students.

Degree students will be charged the fee each semester (Fall and Spring).  In the Summer the fee will only be charged to students who register for courses.

MandatoryMandatoryDue Only if Registered

Students who miss a semester and then return will be required to pay the Student Services Fee of the current semester and the previous missed semester(s). 

Visiting and certificate students will be charged the Student Services Fee each semester they are enrolled in courses.

Payment Plans

Charter Oak offers a semester based payment plan. The number of payments available under the plan decreases each month during the semester. There is a plan set-up fee and the first payment plus the set-up fee is due on enrollment in the plan. Plan payments can be made online in the MyCharterOak student portal. Changes to student account balances during the semester will automatically update the remaining payments.

A late fee will be assessed for any delinquent installments.

Company Bill / Third Party Letter of Credit

Charter Oak accepts third party letters of credit that meet the college’s requirements. Students are responsible for any amount not covered/paid by the third party payer. Charter Oak performs due diligence on the third party payer and has the right to refuse/decline letters at the College’s discretion.

Financial Aid

Financial aid described as "anticipated" on my "Financial Aid Award" does not represent actual or guaranteed payment, but is an estimate of the aid the student may receive if the student meets all requirements stipulated by that aid program.

Financial Aid Awards are contingent upon continued enrollment and attendance in each class upon which financial aid eligibility was calculated. If a student drops any class before completion, financial aid eligibility may decrease and some or all of the financial aid awarded  may be revoked.

If some or all of a student’s financial aid is revoked because of student performance or attendance, the student must repay all revoked aid that was disbursed to the student.

IRS Form 1098-T

The student must provide a Social Security number (SSN) or taxpayer identification number (TIN) to Charter Oak State College upon request as required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations for Form 1098-T reporting purposes. If a student fails to provide a SSN or TIN to Charter Oak State College, the student may be required to pay any and all IRS fines assessed as a result of the missing SSN/TIN.

Privacy Rights & Responsibilities

Charter Oak State College is bound by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which, in many instances, prohibits Charter Oak State College from releasing any information, including financial information, from a student’s education record without written permission from the student.  This doesn't prohibit the College from releasing financial information to a collection agency or the CT Tax Intercept Program.

Billing Errors

Administrative, clerical or technical billing errors do not absolve a student of financial responsibility to pay the correct amount of tuition, fees and other associated financial obligations assessed as a result of registration at Charter Oak State College.