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Undergraduate Current Fees

(Effective July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018)

Undergraduate and Certificate Programs

Admission Application Fee

This fee is required and non-refundable.

All Students


*The application fee is also charged to students when they add an additional degree to their record.

Undergraduate Program Deposit

Subsequent to acceptance, a student will confirm their decision to enroll in the college by making a $150 deposit to be applied towards the student's future tuition charges. The deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited if a student does not enroll in classes for the term following the deposit, or by the next 8 week term.

Course Fee

Fees for students enrolled in Charter Oak's Undergraduate courses.

Connecticut resident$298 per credit
Non-resident (in-state rates apply for all military personnel)$392 per credit
Audit fee resident$144 per credit
Audit fee non-resident$189 per credit

*Students who Audit courses are also responsible for paying the Student Services Fee.

**Please review the refund policies under Academic Policies and Regulations.

Student Services Fee

Connecticut resident$209

The Student Services Fee is a required fee and is charged to all students.

Degree students will be charged the fee each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) regardless of registration. Students who miss a semester and then return will be required to pay the Student Services Fee of the current semester and the previous missed semester(s). Students can pay two (2) consecutive semesters worth of back payments of the Fee and still retain their degree status and the degree requirements in effect during their initial matriculation at the College.

Students who fail to pay the Student Services Fee for 2 consecutive semesters will be administratively withdrawn (AW) and lose their degree status after the last day to register for classes in the third semester.

Visiting and certificate students will be charged the Student Services Fee each semester they are enrolled in courses.

Technology Fee

All students$68

The Technology Fee will be charged each semester a student is enrolled in courses. This fee is non-refundable.

Late Registration Fee

All students$55

Any student that petitions the Registrar's office after registration has closed for the term will be assessed a Late Registration Fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Graduation Fee

All Students


This fee is non-refundable.

Military Partnership Program Fees

Service members

Designed for active duty service members, guardsmen and military reservists who are currently drilling. Military students are exempt from the semester-based Student Services Fee and the Technology Fee and pay just the $250 per credit rate for courses. A minimum of 3 credit hours must be completed in a 12 month period to remain active. Failure to complete the minimum 3 credit hours will result in an administrative withdrawal from the college. Graduate Programs are not eligible for the $250 per credit rate.

Application fee$75
Tuition per credit$250

If using Tuition Assistance, an approved TA must be on file by posted deadlines.

Spouses of service members may qualify for the tuition and fees rate charged to Connecticut residents.

Connecticut Veteran Waiver

50% tuition waiver for qualified Connecticut veterans matriculated at Charter Oak State College.

Senior Citizens (62 or older)

Charter Oak State College does not offer tuition-free study for Senior Citizens. Any student admitted to the college is subject to all college tuition and fee charges.

Payment Plans

The College offers payment plans which allows students to pay their fees in installments.

Students enroll in a plan using Charter Oak's ACORN online portal. Students taking 5-week courses are not eligible for the payment plan. Enrollment is allowed in only one plan at a time.

Company Bill/Third Party Letter of Credit Requirements

The College offers a program for students whose fees will be paid by their employer or some other sponsoring organization. Students are responsible for ensuring that the letter of credit authorization from the sponsoring organization is submitted to the Business Office before the start of their program of study. The program requirements are located on ACORN.

Certificate Program Fee

For faculty evaluation and validation of a student's academic record and issuance of diploma. Candidates must have active status.

Certificate in Infant/Toddler Care (CITC)

Application Fee$75

This fee is non-refundable.

Charter Oak State College Exams

Proficiency examinations have been developed by Charter Oak State College to enable individuals to validate knowledge in business statistics and early childhood education. This fee is non-refundable.

All students$100

Connecticut Director's Credential (CDC)

Application Fee$75
Credentialing Fee for Initial Level$107
Credentialing Fee for Standard Level$134
Credentialing Fee for Master Level$161
CDC Renewal Fee, Initial and Standard Levels, good for 3 years$80
CDC Renewal Fee, Master Level,
good for 6 years

Connecticut Parenting Educator Credential

Application Fee$75
Non-Credit Course fee (PEN 001)$45
Credential Fee$100

Contract Learning Fees

For students enrolled in the contract learning program, an alternative way of structuring an independent learning experience for credit.

Connecticut resident$298 per credit
Non-resident$392 per credit
Extension (limit 2 extensions per contract)$45 each extension

Credential Credit Fee

Students may apply for credit based upon a professional credential or license. More information is available under Credit For Credentials.

Matriculated student$400 per credential
Non-matriculated students:
Connecticut resident$450 per credential
Out-of-state resident$600 per credential

Non-matriculated students will receive credit on the Credit Registry and will be required to pay the Credit Registry fee in addition to the credential credit fee.

Credential in After School Education

Application Fee$75
$54/course for review of non-COSC coursesmaximum of $216

Credit Registry - General

Credit evaluation and record keeping for persons not seeking a degree at Charter Oak. Fees include one transcript. This fee is non-refundable.

Connecticut resident (1 year)$321
Non-resident (1 year)$799
Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (1 year)$150
Reactivate Transcript$75

Credit Registry for Connecticut Teachers

Evaluation and transcripting of credits for Connecticut teacher certification. Fees include one transcript. This fee is non-refundable.

Establish transcript (1 year)$130
Reactivate transcript$63

Credit Registry for Early Childhood Teachers

Evaluation and transcripting of credits for multiple Charter Oak reviewed early childhood programs. Fees include one transcript. This fee is non-refundable.

Establish transcript (1 year)$150
Reactivate transcripts$75

Early Childhood-Alt. Route to Certification

Program Cost




Students enrolled in the ARC program are subject to late fees for missed payments. Tuition is only eligible for a 100% refund before the start of courses; no refund after course start date. Once the student is accepted and courses begin, student is responsible for all charges regardless of completion.

The portfolio fee covers the cost of the state required program assessment for certification. This fee must be paid prior to the start of courses and is only eligible for a 100% refund before the start of courses; no refund after course start date.

Non-Credit Certificate Program Fees

Pharmacists Refresher Courses

PHA 011, 021-025, 013$550 each

Portfolio Assessment Fee

More information can be found under the Portfolio Program. Undergraduate students are required to successfully complete IDS 102: Prior Learning Portfolio Development with a grade of "C" or better to be eiligible to submit portfolios for assessment. IDS 102 includes assessment of one single-course portfolio if it is submitted within 30 days of the end of the course. Students may submit additional portfolios for assessment and will be required to pay the assessment fee prior to the initiation of the assessment process and regardless of the results.

Matriculated Student$320 per single course portfolio
Non-matriculated Student$400 per single course portfolio

Non-Credit Assessment Fee

Non-credit assessment$187

Practicum Fee

For students enrolled in a curriculum which requires an on-the-job, performance-based demonstration of competence within the field of practice.

Connecticut resident$298 per credit
Out-of-state resident$392 per credit
Per-course Review for External Coursework$54

Testing Fees

Fees vary and are set by the testing agency. Fees are payable 4-6 weeks prior to testing date. Some fees are not refundable. Fees below are for test administration only.

All Students$50

CLEP Administration

All Students$50

DSST Administration (formerly DANTES)

All Students$50
Exam Reschedule$20

Visiting Student Proctoring Fee

All Students$50

Diploma Replacement Fee

All Students$30

Transcript Fees

Rush (mailed within 48 hours of receipt) per transcript$20

Bad Check Fee

All Students$35

Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP) Review

Training sponsors may request a credit review of their training programs. More information is available under the Connecticut Credit Assessment Program (CCAP).

Program Review Administrative Fee, Nonprofit Organization$2,250
Program Review Administrative Fee, For-profit Organization$4,500
Faculty Assessor Fee per assessor$610