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Charter Oak State College Official Catalog

Graduate Tuition and Fees

(Effective July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Graduate Programs

Admission Application Fee

This fee is required and non-refundable.

All Students$50

Graduate Program Deposit

Subsequent to acceptance, a student will confirm their decision to enroll in the college by making a $150 deposit to be applied towards the student's future tuition charges. The deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited if a student does not enroll in classes for the term following the deposit, or by the next potential term start date.

Course Tuition

Fees for students enrolled in Charter Oak's Graduate courses.

Connecticut resident$516 per credit
Non-resident$540 per credit

**Please review the refund policies under Academic Policies and Regulations.

Student Services Fee

Connecticut resident$333

The Student Services Fee supports several functions provided to students inclusive of access to academic advising and accessibility counselors, library materials and tutoring services. Portions of this fee are deposited to student associations for reinvestment in the student population. 

The Student Services Fee is a required fee and is charged to all students.

Degree students will be charged the fee each semester (Fall and Spring). In the Summer the fee will only be charged to students who register for courses. 


Due Only if Registered

Students who miss a semester and then return will be required to pay the Student Services Fee of the current semester and the previous missed semester(s). 

Visiting and certificate students will be charged the Student Services Fee each semester they are enrolled in courses.

Technology Fee

All students$75

The Technology Fee supports portions of the IT costs incurred by the college inclusive of software licensing, managed cloud services for student platforms, infastructure upgrades and ensuring compliance with information security based policies.

The Technology Fee will be charged each semester a student is enrolled in courses. This fee is non-refundable.

Late Registration Fee

All students$70

Any student that registers during the late registration period will be assessed a Late Registration Fee. This fee is non-refundable.

Room and Board

All Students$0

Charter Oak State College is Connecticut’s distance learning degree program under the governance of the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education.  Since the college is 100% online there is no fee for Room & Board.

Senior Citizens (62 or older)

Charter Oak State College does not offer tuition-free study for Senior Citizens.  Any student admitted to the college is subject to all college tuition and fee charges.

Payment Plans

The College offers payment plans which allows students to pay their fees in installments.

There is a plan set-up fee of $45.00, and the first payment plus the set-up fee is due upon enrollment in the plan.

A $20 late fee will be assessed for any delinquent installments.

Students enroll in a plan using Charter Oak's MyCharterOak online portal. Students taking 5-week courses are not eligible for the payment plan. Enrollment is allowed in only one plan at a time.

Company Bill/Third Party Letter of Credit Requirements

The College offers a program for students whose fees will be paid by their employer or some other sponsoring organization. Students are responsible for ensuring that the letter of credit authorization from the sponsoring organization is submitted to the Bursar's Office before the start of their program of study. The program requirements are located on MyCharterOak.

Portfolio Assessment Fee

More information can be found on the Credit for Prior Learning and Portfolio Assessment Catalog pages and the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) web page. Graduate students should reference the Graduate Portfolio Program Manual posted in the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) section of Student Self Service on the student portal for portfolio instructions and consult with their advisor. Payment of the assessment fee is required prior to the initiation of the assessment process and regardless of the results.

Matriculated Student$350 per single course portfolio
Non-matriculated Student$450 per single course portfolio

Credential Evaluation Program

Students may apply for credit based upon a professional credential or license. More information is available on the Credit for Prior Learning Catalog page and the Credential Evaluation Program page.

Matriculated student$500 per credential

Diploma Replacement Fee

All Students$30

Transcript Fees

Rush (mailed within 48 hours of receipt) per transcript$20

Bad Check Fee

All Students$35