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Acceptance of Undergraduate Credits from Other Institutions

To be accepted toward a Charter Oak State College degree, undergraduate credits must be earned from an institution of higher education which is licensed or accredited in the State of Connecticut or regionally accredited at the time the credits were earned. The age of the credits does not affect undergraduate transferability, although there is a time limit on applicability of courses in some concentrations/majors. Non-credit courses are not transferable.

Many two-year vocational, technical, and/or business/secretarial colleges are not regionally accredited as institutions of higher learning. Therefore their credits may not be accepted. Learning from non-regionally accredited institutions may be validated through the College's portfolio assessment process or through standardized testing, if available and appropriate. Prospective enrollees who have attended such institutions are advised to check the accreditation before applying for admission to the College.

Charter Oak State College accepts undergraduate credit for courses completed by challenge examination, provided that the courses were regularly listed and taught for degree credit by the institution, appears on a regular transcript of the college awarding the credit as Institutional (not transfer) credit with a grade and credit hours. Proof of validation is required in all cases where an institution has awarded undergraduate credit on a basis other than completion of a conventional academic course of instruction.

Only credits that are applicable to the student’s current/active academic program will be transferred and transcripted towards a Charter Oak degree. Degree applicable credit is credit needed to complete the primary Major/Concentration along with other college requirements including Liberal Arts, General Education, Upper Level, and Free Electives. If a student changes their Major/Concentration after enrollment, transfer credit that may have applied to the first degree but is no longer applicable to the new degree will be removed from the transcript.

The College will allow 9 credits from a completed graduate program to be applied toward any Charter Oak undergraduate degree, major, or concentration of 36 credits or more if the graduate credits subsume or duplicate the undergraduate credits. If the undergraduate certificate is less than 36 credits, no more than 6 credits will be accepted in transfer. Graduate courses transferred in to meet undergraduate requirements may not be used as part of a future graduate program at Charter Oak. (Note: If there is a specific transfer limit on the undergraduate major/concentration/certificate that is more restrictive, that policy would apply.)

Charter Oak State College determines the amount of credit and the level of credit accepted in transfer based on policies established by its faculty. Charter Oak State College reserves the right to limit or exclude the transfer of credit if the course content, assessment process , or student learning outcomes do not meet Charter Oak’s faculty standards. Given these standards, effective January 16, 2020, credit will no longer be accepted in transfer from the following organizations:

  • Consortium for International Studies (CIS)
  • Coopersmith
  • Rechtschaffen Institute of Judaic Studies (RIJS)
  • Tor Academy

No more than 87 credits earned at two-year institutions can be credited toward an undergraduate degree program (unless deemed degree-applicable).

With possible exceptions for major and concentration credit, there is no time limit on the acceptability of college course credits. Courses in which a grade of D- or higher was achieved may be used for satisfying degree requirements with the exception of English Composition and the baccalaureate concentration and major, which require a grade of C or higher. Grades of D- must be balanced by higher grades in order to achieve the C average (2.0) necessary for graduation.

All grades or score reports must be sent in an official manner directly from the issuing agency to Charter Oak State College.

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